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Authors: Bui, P. Mary
Advisor: Warade, S. D.
Other: Tayeng, Tissu
Title: Studies on Nutritive and Anti-nutritive Components of Important Underutilized Perennial Vegetables of Arunachal Pradesh (North East Region of India)
Publisher: College of Horticulture and Forestry, Central Agricultural University, Pasighat
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Pages: xiii+113
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Keywords: Studies: Nutritive and Anti-nutritive: Components; Important Underutilized; Perennial Vegetables; Medicinal Plants; Arunachal Pradesh; (North East Region of India)
Abstract: The analysis of nutritional compositions exhibited that the maximum reducing sugar content was found in Houtttuynia cordata (11.15+ variance 0.02%), total carbohydrate content in leaves of moringa oleifera (40.43+0.02 g/100 g), starch content in Sauropus androgynus (1227.96+0.02 mg/100g),Cellulose contentd in Sauropus androgynus (332.05+0.02 mg/100g), crude fibre content in Litsea cubeba (43.41+0.03%), free fatty acid content in the leaf of Moringa oleifera (5.61+0.01 Mg/KOHg). The highest total free amino acid content was found in Passifora edule (30.54+0.02mg/100 g), protein content in Passiflora edule (45.73+0.02 umole/g), methionine content in Moringa oleifera (1.90+0.02 mg/g), crude protein content in Passiflora edule (7.88+0.02%), thiamine content in Polygonum chinense (47.97+0.03 mg/100g), vitamin C content in Passiflora edulis (329.87+0.02 mg/100g) and vitamin E content in Elatostema sessile (15.99+0.01 mg/100g). The highest chlorophyll a content was in the leaf Moring oleifera (0.40+0.02 mg/g), chlorophyll b and total chlorophyll content in Pouzolzia viminea were (0.65+0.02 mg/g) and (0.99+0.01 mg/g) respectively, carotenoids condtent in Passiflora edulis (22.08+0.01mg/100g). The N contentwas found highest in Pssiflora edulis (12.61+0.03 g/kg) whereas, other minerals like P, K and Na was found highest in malebud of Musa arunachalensis (0.76+0.01%), (8.00+0.01 mg/g) and (13.50+0.03 ppm) respectively. Iron content was found highest in Eryngium foetidum(9.2+0.03 mg/100g). The analysis of antinutritive components revealed that the highest cynogen content was found in Bambusa sp. (65.52+0.02 mg/100g) and lowest in Polygonu chinense (5.07+0.01 mg/100g), highest phytic acid content in Sauropus androgynus (735+0.02 mg/100g) and least in Pouzolzia viminea (57.00+0.03mg/100g), highest tannin content in Polygonum chinense (196+0.01 mg/100g) and least in Houttuynia cordata (23.52+0.03mg/100 g). From the above 24 perennial vegetable taken for analysis, leaves of Moringa oleifeara, Sauropus androgynus, Passiflora edulis, Piper pedicellatum, malebud of Musa arunachalensis and polygnum chinense were found to be rich in nutritional components with very low concentration of anti-nutritional components. But slightly higher concentration of anti-nutritional components were found in Moringa oleifera leaves, Sauropus androgynus and Passiflora edulis. The research work performed confirms that the wild edible plants are rich source of nutrient, vitamin and mineral supplements for indigenous tribal population and hence, reduce the vulnerability of local communities to nutrition food scarcity
Description: The present investigation was conducted during March 2016-February 2017 at College of Horticulture and Forestry Central Agricultural University, Pasighat Arunachal Pradesh in 24 underutilized perennial vegetables. Morphological Characters, nutritional compositions and antinutritional compositions were studied. The tribal people have their own indigenous traditional knowledge about the use of different plant species for different purposes like food, shelter, fodder and medicinal uses. It is necessary toidentify the edible plant species according to the preference of the local tribal people. As most of the leafy vegetables are rich innutients, it is imperative to carry out studies on nutritional andante-nutritive values of these plants. The morphological characters studied showed that the leaf colour varies from green to dark green, leaf length ranged from 2.1-34 cm, leaf width 1.1-11.5 cm and plant height 5-10 cm to 12 m tall. The flower colour ranged from white, pinkish to greenish shades.
Subject: Vegetable Science
Theme: Nutritive and Anti-nutritive Components of Important Underutilized Perennial Vegetables
Research Problem: To study morphological characters of important underutilized vegetable crops; 2- To study nutritional composition of important underutilized vegetable crops ; 3- To study anti-nutritional factors of important underutilized vegetable crops.
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 2017-08-25
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