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Authors: Padun, Rebika
Advisor: Singh, S. Romen
Other: Hazarika, B.N.
Title: Identification and characterization of superior genotypes of Carambola (Averrhoa carambola L.) found in Arunachal Pradesh
Publisher: College of Horticulture and Forestry, Central Agricultural University, Pasighat
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Pages: xi+80
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Keywords: Carambola; Physico-chemical characters; SDS-PAGE; (Averrhoa carambola L.)
Abstract: The experimental result showed that individual fruit weight ranged from 83.63 g (P20) to 300.00g (P14); fruit diameter 4.07 cm (P5) to 9.13 cm (P14); fruit length 6.83 cm (P4) to 15.93 cm (P14); juice content 25.00 ml (P4) to 61.67 ml (P14); seed/fruit 2.00 (P1) to 4.67 (P12); fruit yield 84.33 kg (P4) to 185.00 kg/tree (P8); TSS 5.03 (P12) to 14.97 0Brix (P11); Oxalic acid 0.01% (P2, P3,P5, P7,P8,P14 and P18) to 0.35% (P9); Ascorbic acid 25 (P17): to 68.00 mg/100g (P9); acidity 0.08 % to 1.22%; reducing sugar 3.20% (P3) to 11.93%; total sugars 3.40% (P3) to 12.80%(P11) and shelf life 10.67 days (P10) to 14 days (P17). Based on the results obtained from the present investigation, it can be concluded that, selected carambola genotypes exhibited noticeable variation in the morphological and biochemical characteristics. The genotypes P8 maximum yield (185 kg per tre per year), P11 highest TSS (14.950Brix), P1 lowest seed (2), P9 highest vitamin C (68mg/100g), P14 highest fruit weight (300g). SDS-PAGE analysis also showed considerable variation in band number of protein wich ranged from 14-38. Protein banding profile showed that the genotypes P6 and P4 are distantly related and P4 and P13 are closely related to each other. Thus, these findings illustrated the usefulness of physico-chemical characterization and biochemical marker as a tool for the crop improvement programs in carambola for screening the sweet genotype from the available genetic diversity and it will be useful for the development of a clonal variety in future.
Description: An extensive survey was conducted in different District (Upper siang, West Siang and East Siang) of Arunachal Pradsesh during 2015-17 to study the genetic diversity of carambola and to identy superior genotypes having sweet in taste based on the descriptor of NBPGR of caramola
Subject: Fruit Science
Theme: Identification and characterization of superior genotypes of Carambola
Research Problem: 1. To assess the variability of physic-chemical and morphological characters within genotypes. 2. Identification of superior genotype of carambola based on sweetness character. 3. Biochemical characterization for differentiation of the various genotyopes using SDS-PAGE
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 2017-08-25
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