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Authors: Senthilkumar, G.
Selvakumar, K.N.
Prabu, M.
Pandian, A. Serma Saravana
Valli, C.
Kannadhasan, M.S.
Title: Constraints in Livestock Rearing among Resource Poor Farmers in Rural Tamil Nadu
Language: en_US
Type: Article
Pages: 1-5
Volume: 15
Series/Report no.: ;02
Agrotags: Veterinary Science
Animal Husbandry Statistics and Computer Applications
Keywords: Veterinary Science, Animal Husbandry Statistics and Computer Applications, Constraints; livestock, Cattle; Buffalo; Sheep and goat; Rank Based Quotient
Abstract: The present study was undertaken in rural Tamil Nadu to explore various constraints in livestock rearing in rural Tamil Nadu using randomly selected 100 dairy farmers and 113 sheep and goat farmers from six sample districts. The data pertaining to the objectives of the study were collected through personal interview. Most of the poor livestock farmers expressed fodder shortage (with RBQ more than 60), water scarcity (RBQ – around 60 for buffalo and sheep), labour problems (RBQ – 55.71 to 62.08) as their major constraints. However, priority of the constraints varied with respect to the livestock species reared.
Issue Date: 2017
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