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Authors: Sivakumar, K.
Kumar, V. Ramesh Saravana
Amanullah, M. Mohamed
Title: Composting of Poultry Carcass with Farm Yard Manure in Summer
Language: en_US
Type: Article
Pages: 356-361
Volume: 03
Series/Report no.: ;05
Agrotags: Veterinary Science
Livestock Production and Management
Keywords: Veterinary Science, Livestock Production and Management, Dead bird compost, Waste disposal, Carcass compost, Dead bird disposal, Aerobic composting
Abstract: Aerobic composting experiment was carried out to study the feasibility of composting dead birds with farm yard manure (FYM) co-composted with paddy straw or sorghum hay as carbonaceous 1 2 material. Two treatment mixtures were formulated viz., T (dead birds+ FYM + straw) and T (dead birds 3 +FYM+ sorghum hay) and T (FYM alone) as control in ratio to adjust C:N as 20:1 and moisture level as 60 per cent. Composting work was carried out during summer with one replicate. The dead birds were sequentially layered as per recipe and physical, chemical and microbial changes during composting were 1 2 1 recorded. T and T reached the peak temperature by second week, peak temperature of 66.69°C (T ) and 2 69.10°C (T ) was significantly (P<0.01) higher than control (51.82°C). The thermophilic temperature 1 2 persistency was more in treatment mixture 54 days and 65 days respectively for T and T . The total 2 1 composting period was significantly high for T (127.5 days) followed by T (166.5 days) and least for control (107 days). Weight and volume reduction was significantly higher in treatment group than control. 1 pH and EC was within acceptable range. Total nitrogen content was significantly higher in T (13.771 2 g/kg) and T (12.75 g/kg) than control group (9.967 g/kg). C:N ratio in the finished compost was below 20:1 and the K level of treatment group was significantly higher than control group. The compost mixtures ensure biosafety by way of reduction in the indicator organisms viz., coliform and salmonella.
Issue Date: 2007
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