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Authors: Alice, Kurian
Peter, K V
Rajan, S
Title: Heterosis for yield components and fruit characters in tomato
Publisher: Kerala Agricultural University, Vellanikara
Citation: Journal of Tropical Agriculture 39 (1), 5-8.
Language: en
Type: Article
Pages: 4
Volume: 39(1)
Agrotags: null
Keywords: Fruit characters; heterobeltiosis; relative heterosis; yield components
Abstract: Heterosis for yield components and fruit characters was studied using line x tester analysis between bacterial wilt resistant / tolerant accessions and processing varieties. Heterotic hybrids were identified for average fruit weight (Sakthi x Fresh Market 9, Sakthi x HW 208F), yield / plant (Sakthi x TH 318, Sakthi x Fresh Market 9), locule number (LE 206 x Ohio 8129, LE 214 x St 64) and pericarp thickness (Sakthi x St 64, LE 206 x 64, LE 214 x St 64). All the hybrids were late to harvest and they produced fruits with round shape.
Issue Date: 2001
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