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Authors: Kapadiya, Dipal Bhailal
Advisor: Dhaduk, B. K.
Title: Varietal Assessment and variability study of gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii Bolus) in Naturally Ventilated green house Under South Gujarat Conditions
Publisher: Floriculture and Landscaping Department, Aspee College of Horticulture and Forestry Gujarat Agriculture University, Navsari
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Pages: 203
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Keywords: Horticulture
Abstract: The present investigation on "Varietal assessment and variability study of Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii Bolus) in naturally ventilated greenhouse unde~uth Gujarat conditions" was carried out in Greenhouse, D{partment of Floriculture & Landscaping, AS PEE College of Horticulture and Forestry, Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari during the year 2008-09 and 2009-10. The present experiment was laid out in Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with ten varieties of gerbera viz., Batavia, Dream, Basic, Crossroad, Mermaid, President, Gucci, Cauca, Mademoiselle and White Grizzly. The treatments were replicated thrice.jIn this experiment variability was assessed on the bases of morphological, biochemical and molecular markers. The observations on growth, flowering and yield characters wererecorded as morphological markers and analyzed statis.tically. Further, Superoxide Oismutase (SOO) isozyme as biochemical marker and Random Amplified Polymorphic ONAs (RAPOs) as molecular marker were also studied. The similarity and dissimilarity was recorded in NTSYSpc 2.2 software and for generation of dendrogram using UPGMA method. Among the morphological characters, vigorous growth in terms of leaf area, plant height and plant spread (N-S and E-W) were obtained significantly superior in variety Oream (V 2 ), Cauca (V 2 ) and Gucci (V 7 ), respectively. Variety Mademoiselle (V 9 ) formed maximum number of leaves and suckers per plant. With respect to flowering characters, earliness in flower bud initiation and first flower bud opening was registered in Mademoiselle (V 9)' Consequently the flower quality in respect of flower diameter, length and width of ray floret, stalk girth and fresh weight of flower were significantly higher in variety Gucci (V 7 ) while number of petals was noted highest in variety Dream (V 2)' However, significantly longer stalk length was olftained from variety Cauca (V 8)' Significantly maximum A- grade quality (>65 cm) flowers were reported in V 8 - Cauca (62.0 I %) which was followed by Dream (V 2 ), Batavia (VI) and Gucci (V 7) while variety Gucci (V 7 ) was produced highest flowers (42.06 %) with respect to B-grade (55-65 cm). Mermaid (V 5) and White Grizzly (V IO ) produced maximum flowers of C-grade (45-55 cm) and 0- grade (35 - 45 cm), respectively. Significantly highest yield per plant and per sq. m. was obtained in varieties Mademoiselle(V,,) which was statistically at par with Dream (V 2 ) and -Cauca (Vs) varieties. Superiority with respect to Shelf life and vase life were found significantly maximum in variety Gucci (V 7 ) while Cauca and V ,O - Mademoiselle varieties V, - Batavia, VB - obtained highest score with resp.ect to consumer preference . . The maximum similarity - Mademoiselle and was observed between Batavia - Mademoiselle through chemical marker Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) isozyme. The molecular investigation through RAPD markers was successive by using random primers from OP-X 02, OP-X 04 and OP-X 07 series and revealed that the highest genetic similarity (0.739) was observed between the varieties Cauca and Batavia. From the economical point of view, maximum net return (Rs.l, 25,460.00 per 500 sq. m.) and CBR (1.00:1.66) was obtained in V 10 - Mademoiselle which was followed by varieties Dream, President, Batavia and Cauca. On the basis of results obtained in present investigation, it can be concluded that varieties Cauca (V 8) and Mademoiselle (V 9) are most preferable for qualitative as well as quantitative cut flower production of gerbera in South Gujarat conditions. However, varieties Gucci (V 7), Dream (V 2), Cauca (V 8) and (V,) Batavia are also adaptable for quality flower production under South Gujarat conditions.
Subject: Horticulture
Theme: Ph.D Thesis
These Type: Ph.D
Issue Date: 2011-07
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