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Authors: Ingale, P.T.
Advisor: Rand, M.S.
Publisher: Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidaypeeth, Rhauri
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Pages: 198pp
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Abstract: mm imm*m Mmm *•*•»> *• *» ®* *• tnpnttwii food crops in India* Agriculture filaharaohtra it tho largest aorghusj growing SUU occupying «n «*** of SO,3$«7DO hectare* during kherif and rabl seasons* la recent years, there ha* been extensive exchange of teed of various crops including sorghua within the country os well as between dif foront countries fear exploiting tbo doeirable Material in boosting up too food production. Nuwber tf pathogens, fungal tbacterial, viral am transadtted through seeds and planting factorial©, ^aongst these, fungi are the moat predoalnant* Soma of Hi* seed boma pathogens aro known to sense serious diseases and beet boon moat extensively atudlad* However, all aaad boma fungi ara not necessarily pathogenic and nay bo weak parasites air aapro * **phytee# Tbo loaaoa dua to taad bexne fungi e*e significant, whether tha fungi ara pathogenic as saprophytic- Tha patho~ -gene carried through seeds initlato tho prtasry infection in now crops in euccceding veers* Tha weaker patbogana ssv essene virulent fajai depondtim upon tha anvlrsmsentsl aondi** *tion« and availability of susceptible varieties In tha region. Tha presence of these pathogens an tha aaad thus indicates disease potantlal harbouring within or on tha aaad*. In eddi~ -tion to causing tha diseases, tha seed boma fungi nay iffeet toe quality of toed In teens of toe*? germination, seadllng mortality and/or food valuo of grains. Because of toe growing appreciation of these factors, intensive investigations have been Initiated on seed betas organises In various countries in recent vests* Tha climatic conditions govern tha development of rcycoflora sad tha fungi associated with tha saad greatly diffar $A different regions or atatos or countries. saad borne organisms son ba carried axtamally on tha surfaea of tha seed or smbeded til tha seed tissues of various depths. In some cases, tha pathogens mm w&m& with saad causa diffarant typaa of leases, reduce tha viabUity of tha ssod mi germination, cause rotting of tits seeds or aaadlinge while soma produce disaasa symptoms on adult plants. Tha plants emerging fro© infected saads «tU not only remain infactad but thay may **£¥• •» foci fay sacondary infection. Many times infactad saads ara rasponsibla for introduction of pathogens in tha mm areas. Tha organisms aasociatad with tha seed, may fain entry III tha field Itself and *ey ceuee severe damage especially when toe weather ia moist with high humidity, whereas some ^"e*TM^maw^»s^^w^S" sp^ ^^w& ^ws^^wimmw^si mr^F ^wm^^e ^^wa* ^Rwaj^'W1 w ^WFsmssaiio^^B '(S'^O^^SUBWW^S a* «t> storage conditions srs *•% proper. The grain moulds besides lowering toe yield to a great extent* reduce too quality of marketable grain end also lower the seed gerrai * •"•nation* The Incident* of mouldy oarheada woo v»ry oooaon and •evere la good production plots of hybrid jowar CSH-4 and GSH~1 during kherlf 1971*72 in Dhule and Jalgaon districts. The hybrid CSH-4 (PSH-2) woo introduced during 1970. St was, tnoxefofet felt werthohilo to uitdortefee tno studios en toed myeoflora of |owojr hybrid* end CSH-4 in particular alongwlth other varieties* In the present studies, it has been etteapted to isolate eetophytic end endophytic taycoflore from CSH-4 and CSB-4 hybrids end other varieties, effect of the isolates on gersdnation* vigour of seedling in terras of plumule end radicle length, seedling mortality, viability of seed during storage, production of toxins in the culture filtrates of the Isolates, onayass production by the isolates, fungicidal control, effect of the isolates on grain weight and quality of grains* The results of these studies are presented in the succeeding pages ond it to hoped that they would further odd to our information.
Subject: Plant Pathology
Theme: Plant Pathology
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 1976
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