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Authors: Patil, K.L.
Advisor: Kamat, M. N.
Publisher: Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidaypeeth, Rhauri
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Pages: 340pp
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Abstract: Wheat is on* of tao most laportaat e*reals and staple food crop of the world, occupying the fourth plaoa in cultivation of the toed crops. DeCaadolle (1883) la his classical monograph en the origin of cultivated crops, suggested Mesopoteala as the possible centre of origin of the cultivated wheats and thought its cultivation spread oil over the world through the invasion of shepherds and through too nediom of Hebrew Scriptures. Vavilov(19a6, 1930, 1049) determined the existence of priaary and secondary centres of origin of wheats in Asia-Minor, Mediterranean basin, Abysinia and Afghanistan. It It sow widely cultivated throughout the world* According to Pal (i960) the total acreage under wheat la the world is about 428,000,toot^aores with aa aanual production 1T4,900,000 tonnes. As a producer of wheat, India occupies the fifth position la the world aa regards acreage and seventh la respect of yield. Wheat cultivation la India dates back to the unrecorded ancient periods,prior to, 3,000 B.C. At present, the area under this crop la India, has been estiaated to be S3 allllon acrea aad production of grain at about 16 willion toaaoa (Sangave, 1965). fritlea* aeativna. too bread wheat and T. durujs. hard wboat are the two speoies wost cooaonly cultivated la the major wheat growing areas of Xadia like Punjab, Cttar Pradesh, Northern Hejasthan, Bihar, Maharashtra, Madhya Iradash and - a * Peninsular India, fas two species are grown Is soae parte of Mysore (Nllgirls ) and Andhra Pradesh, Wheat oeouples IS# of the total acreage of all food grain* grown in India (Murthy, 1»E8). II is MI iajportant eoroal orop of Maharashtra and according to Sangave (19«8) it occupies an araa of about 8,4 Billion acraa i,a. S$ #f the total araa under variola crop*. the average yield of wheat par acre is Maharashtra is very low, i,e, ISO kf/acra as oeapared to 499 kg/aero la Punjab* It la cultivated la all districts of Maharashtra except Koakan aoatly as a dry orop^ T» 4araa Doing coaaea* wheat grata is very nutritious being rloher la proteins than siost other o a real grains; it la used la preparing a variety of foods, especially, Chapatlca. Paratas. Purlas, Halwa and Halted quantity for aaJtiag various bakery and confectionary products, gall. Maida and Atta. three chief kinds of floars are aade from wheat grains la India ami chaff Is fed to cattle. The floor la esteeaed as aa external appli cation la eryeipelae, burna, scalds and various itching or burning eruptions. A alxture of floor and water lo uaed as aa antidote la oasos of poisoning by salts of aercury, copper, sine, silver, tin and by Iodine. Bran la soaetlaes used la the fora of a decoction or Infusion as aa eaaotlent bath and alae Internally aa a deauleent. Wheat is subjected to aany diseases la India causing heavy losses every year, Aaoag the 9 •oat acoaooloally taportaat dlaaaaaa arot blaek atow mat of whaat, brown n»t, yellow root, loo a a cant, foot ~ rot a and root-rote, la*f-apotaf ead hllgbta, bant a of wfcaat and powdary alldaw ato.f aaaalag eonaldarabla daaaga tfo tbia orop; tha aoat important and wldaapraad balng tha t hr aa mat a ola# »laok, browa and at ri pa eaaaad by raootala graailnla jy^MgU f * |ffW#tm »•* £. f^tfnpfafr Jff Wtlyolyi of thaaa throe raata black at ait raat la aiaat doatntotlYo in Waatars India ©f tan providing aerlone t bra ad t© tale valnable ©rap. In raoaat yeare, * leaf-Might ea»ad by eaoolee of Altaraarla baa been obaerved la thla area, reealting la praaatara yellewlag aad dafallatloa aad drying of tha leavee particularly lo Bihar, Vast Bengal, Orleea, Kaaaraebtra and GoJarat. Blaek palat dleeaee at wheat grain alao oaaaad by Alternaria ap, aaaalag dleoolouratlon at eabryo and of tba grain, fa alao not load ia tha oaaa of eeaevvarl»tiee of wbaat ta noso parta of Mafcaraehtra State, part tool art y when the haaldlty la high and glaaaa ara eoaparmtfwoly loofbo* h aewoto laaf-bllght of wbaat waa aatload by tba wrltar daring Ma ayeoloiloal eelleotlone aada at varloae plaoaa la Maharaebtra 3tata, Thla dlaaaa* aaaaaa canalddrabla daaage to thla acoaoatlaal wbaat arop particularly $m tba ©airly atagaa of growth of tba area, heaoe, It waa tboagbt worthwhile to lnvaatlgata thla iieeaee and tba patbagaaa aaaalag It ta detail. Therefore, a dot all ad eanrey mm aeJo throat bout Mabaraahtm State, for tha atady of thla dlaaaaa la all tta «% 4 *• aspects, Thi» diaease was found to be oaased by dlffereat species of Alt era art a. Isolations and exaalaation Bade fro* different collections obtained fron difforest localities and places in Maharashtra reveal the ooearroaao of thrao oat of foar apooioa of Alttrnaria vaaally eoasldtrod pathogenic to wheat of which tho following its collections oonalat of throe species were aaod la thia atady. Theee eolleotiona aro designated by noabera whleh will ho aaod la ail snbseqaent treataents. Isolate "P"" '••••»' W2 W4 If W6 Altarnarla trltloola Rao Whoat Bast Roaoarah ; Station, Mlpfcad, Naaik. A, toaala Aoct. A. taaalaal«a (Fr.) iff OP *ai waawsiafce* ^w St* VSxSsSi *•»•*• A. toaaiasiaa {Fr.) Wiltshire Mahabaleehwar, Satara, Afrlealtnre College Fawij Pooaa, Sol^ Pooaa• Satara, Kopargaon, Aaajodaagar. The apeeles of Altornarla iafooting wheat ia India described by Praaada A Prabha (19*2) A. tritlelaa ooald not ho oollected froa Maharaahtra and was apparently absent to thia pert of India* flit exporiaental reaalts obtained with the above oolleotlons are preaented is the saeoeediag chaptore. Biblio graphy of all the four parte of the Thesis to givea ia the concluding pag"*
Subject: Plant Pathology
Theme: Plant Pathology
These Type: Ph.D
Issue Date: 1971
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