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Authors: Gaikwad , S.H.
Advisor: Dhande , c.w.
Title: Further Studies on ALTERNARIA LEAF SPOT OF COTTON in Maharashtra State A
Publisher: Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidaypeeth, Rhauri
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Pages: 44pp
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Abstract: Often cotton (J&A&Il*iffi «f*») iB emlloo* tho white gold as It is on important cash etopo of India, p&rtietilarly of cultivators ^Pv SnO?SOJPJFO||iOOjPOjpJ^r9 * ^B*w^e*OWO^SjJpO)|Pep ee^POOje We^^nOOSOJf swO^^P) O* OJ^peO'SeWOsO/' OB*0 v BeaeeejPOy Oe*^^WO^S>OJ|FOjB> TeFeSOn^POJp^P St fulfills tho basic reGUiranent of mil via. clothing#witbaut * which ho cannot av«n ouvwive* Cotton pleye on inpoatont vole in the oeenoay if India whleh stands first in the world in orea under eotton* Cotton rentes next to sugercana as a cash croc, for which &*360 otoroo are apomi far ootton industry* Curing 1969-78 Indie oftrneel foreign exchange of fe.1 4S otoroo by exporting cotton* However* «• novo to inpoft long otoolo ootton every year fron U*s*A*.p Arab eowntriao inoludlftg fgyot ami Sudan* anly ten out of eixtyfive countries in the world hews roughly n&% world arso under ootton* India, olel*« nearly 24$ •too planted undo* cotton while in root of tho world in countries like Egypt, Sudan and ssidule eastern region it eonoo to about 9% • w aoajp Bsnps^ioeO**sossr p^je^^e^ojeeo^op^BowOvewo ips^iWO* oawoae^e ojpo* eP^o ^e*™ ojpSe<eF wSjpoO: *j*oo ST^B>0WSF oe^*»weweojfco><leojpoP io about 7*8 kg*/heetare9 while im U.S.S.R* tho evofogo production is 7§S kfi./ ha*, noxieo proowcaa 724 kg*/h*. of eottofi while in India average yield sot hectare ia 133 kg* only* ftteoat oil the States in the Indian Union cultivates fmm species of oatton naooly• jtffitffflllfl fTlfHrttltti i'MJafllsIr jntHTOlMh "•ilaniiii aftd &*to&kmmm* Bsbnreoht*o stands first Im India in cotton area sown. Though Maharashtra has the highest arse undor cotton, its par hectare average yield io 78 kg* only, while in tho Other states like Punjab it io 346 kg./ha*, Kariyarte- 314 kg./ha* and Toedlnsdu* 207 kg./ho* *•*•• % m % m Aaeng ttm v&rioua fant®*® tt*at contribute to *Ni low yloid of eotton in thie cotmtry, imitUmcu «f pmk end Attack of A IKMNHT of fungeX, beeta*£«3.t viral ami necvpereeitie i&Bmvm hfive b«*f» recorded on eatttm An Irx&A* Sfi rtofc©r«tahtref houavor, the ir*port<irtt dtoooooft ere Wilt sen*** by fiffilffiltflB tlffffiffllflMIt ^•^P* WMtfffiiiiB1**1') ttyioY ait* HMMOI &&&£&&££& biigfct by jyjMHMlft JsasEaaaasa ZIMR*» *ftgt&a* &«*r «p«t by &• ffffif1^!1 T«ck«r* Groy ai&dov eonooct by J|HHifil*A AttK&A &***# Koot rat by fl^fffl^fftqjfifffi ffitfflfllfflU om3 *•*•«••*»••• by ctillfttQtgi^uyi Outing th« &«•% tue ?«•*•* ineidoneo of i«*f ©pat ami oBfollofcioit tto« to Wtimrlt »pp. i« iMtn«Nl«iQ •ariotao proportions In ffeharafthtra, naxt to blacfc •*«• Tha lo®f drop oatta** by tho #ann ipfwofft to ba wore toepoftoioio fat loos in yiold of hlrautma cotton. Tfoottfjh AUUttZtiU£& •*•»••» Rao noon studied in this lobeis* -tory absyfe a tteeftd* *$»# KWI new aaooefco of t h* #£oo*«o yt«ieh Mm noUood roeotttly ©*« prapoaad to be efcudi»e not**
Subject: Plant Pathology
Theme: Plant Pathology
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 1972
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