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Authors: Suresh, Koyande Suyog
Advisor: Jha, S.K.
Title: Evaluation of Phytoremediation Potential in Jatropha Curcas
Publisher: Forestry Department Aspee College of Horticulture and Forestry Navari Agricultural University
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Pages: 159
Agrotags: null
Keywords: Forestry
Abstract: The exploitation of plants to remove toxic heavy metals from the environment is currently of considerable commercial interest. Methods for phytoremediation and phytomining depend on the ability of plants to accumulate large quantities of metals in their tissues. An investigation was carried out in Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari in 2011-12 to evaluate the potential of Jatropha for cleaning Cd contaminated sites. The results showed the significant differences in different growth and biomass parameters, cadmium accumulation and enzyme activity. Among all clones NAUJC-14, NAUJC-S, NAUJC-7, NAUJC-ll, NAUJC-13, NAUJC-6 and NAUJC-8 showed better height, clones NAUJC-12, NAUJC-II and NAUJC-7 showed better diameters, clones NAUJC-IS, NAUJC-13 and NAUJC-8 retained their leaf even at higher concentration of Cd in soil. Leaf area was least affected in clones NAUJC-7, NAUJC-IS, NAUJC-6, NAUJC-S, NAUJC-8, NAUJC-IO, NAUJC-3, NAUJCII and NAUJC-14 , root numbers were least affected in clones NAUJC-lS, NAUJC-4, NAUJC-3, NAUJC-6 and NAUJC-13, , • fresh weight was least affected in clones NAUJC-IS, NAUJC-IO, NAUJC-7, NAUJC-l3, NAUJC-ll, NAUJC-14, NAUJC-8 and NAUJC-6 and Dry weight was least affected in clones NAUJC- 13, NAUJC-S, NAUJC-14, NAUJC-I, NAUJC-7, NAUJC-IO and NAUJC-2 under Cd stress. NAUJC-ll, NAUJC-13, NAUJC-14 and NA UJC-7 showed better root length at higher concentration of Cd in soil. Best seven clones on the basis of tolerance index were NAUJC-l3, NAUJC-6, NAUJC-8, NAUJC-II, NAUJC-12, NAUJC-14 and NAUJC-7. Root Cd accumulation was better in clones NAUJC-9, NAUJC-IO and NAUJC-13, shoot Cd accumulation better in clones NAUJC-IO, NAUJC-12, NAUJC- 13, NAUJC-14 and NAUJC-lS and total Cd accumulation was better in clones NAUJC-9, NAUJC-IO, NAUJC-12, NAUJC-13, NAUJC-14 and NAUJC-IS. Clones NAUJC-9, NAUJC-IO, NAUJC-12, NAUJC-13, NAUJC-14 and NAUJC-IS were having higher BAF and clones NAUJC-4 (1.87), NAUJC-IS( 1.28), NAUJC-2 (1.19), NAUJC-14 (1.12), NAUJC-12( 1.03) NAUJC-3 (1.02) and N AUJC-8( 1.02) were having higher TF values. APOX activity increased in NAUJC-II, NAUJC-8, NAUJCIS, NAUJC-12, NAUJC-IO, NAUJC-6, NAUJC-14, NAUJC-7, NAUJC-l, NAUJC-9 and NAUJC-4, GPOX activity increased in NAUJC-4, NAUJC-9, NAUJC-12, NAUJC-IS, NAUJC-6, NAUJC-7, NAUJC-ll, NAUJC-I, NAUJC-8, NAUJC-14, NAUJC-IO, NAUJC-13 and NAUJC-3, CAT activity increased in NAUJC-I, NAUJC-14 and NAUJC-13, GR activity increased in clones NAUJC-I and NAUJC-8 and GST activity increased in NAUJC-12, NAUJC-2, NAUJC-7, NAUJC-I, NAUJC-9, NAUJC- 14, NAUJC-S, NAUJC-IO and NAUJC-4 at higher concentration of Cd in soil.
Subject: Forestry
Theme: M.Sc. Thesis
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 2012-05
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