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Authors: Bhandari, Rituraj
Advisor: Khanduri, V.P. (Dr.)
Title: Effect of pre-sowing treatments on germination and growth of seedlings of three Albizia seedlings
Publisher: College of Forestry, Ranichauri, V.C.S.G. Uttarakhand University of Horticulture and Forestry
Language: en
Type: Thesis
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Keywords: Albizia species , seedlings , pre-sowing treatments
Abstract: A comparative study was conducted for one year to investigate the effect of pre-sowing treatment on germination, growth and biomass of Albizia species seedlings during the year 2016. Matured seeds of Albizia species were exposed to 12 pre-germination treatments – H2SO4 (5, 10 and 15min.), hot water (20, 40 and 60min.), cold water (12, 24 and 48hrs), nicking, scarification and control. The growth of nursery raised seedlings was measured at three month interval untill one year of establishment in the the nursery. Germination percent, mean germination time, germination index and growth characteristics i.e. shoot length, collar diameter, number of leaves/plant, root length, total seedling length, root/shoot length ratio and biomass production i.e. shoot dry weight, root dry weight, leaves dry weight, total dry weight and root/shoot dry weight ratio) of each Albizia species were recorded. The outcome of the study revealed that with respect to pre-sowing treatment, after one year of growth period, maximum germination percentage (39.31%) and maximum germination index (0.11) was observed in A. julibrissin as compared to other two Albizia species. The maximum mean germination time (13.72 days) was observed in A. odoratissima. In terms of growth characteristics, the maximum shoot length (25.37cm) and collar diameter (3.99mm) was observed in A. julibrissin whereas maximum root length (14.77cm) and number of leaves were recorded highest (4.68) in A. procera. In terms of biomass production, among various components of seedlings, root partition maximum biomass, followed by shoot and leaves accordingly and was recorded maximum in A. julibrissin (3.73g). From the study, the lower values in germination and growth parameters of A.odoratissima as compared to A. procera and A. julibrissin showed that the inherent dormancy of A. odoratissima is greater than that of A.procera and A.julibrissin
Subject: Agroforestry
Theme: Effect of pre-sowing treatments on germination and growth of seedlings of three Albizia seedlings
Research Problem: Effect of pre-sowing treatments on germination and growth of seedlings of three Albizia seedlings
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 2017-07
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