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Authors: Prabu, M.
Selvakumar, K.N.
Pandian, A. Serma Saravana
Senthilkumar, G.
Other Titles: International Journal of Food, Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences
Publisher: CIBTech
Language: en
Type: Article
Pages: 83-87
Volume: 1
Series/Report no.: ;1
Agrotags: Veterinary Science
Keywords: Livestock Sector– Inputs share – Feed – Fodder-Labour-Livestock Capital
Abstract: A study was undertaken to assess the contribution of different inputs such as feed, fodder, labour etc. to the development of livestock sector including poultry and the feeding pattern of livestock in Tamil Nadu. To meet out the growing demand for livestock products, various technological interventions were introduced in the livestock sector of the Country and the State which resulted in significant improvements in production, productivity and per capita availability of livestock products. The factor shares of livestock sector was estimated based on the secondary data for 1980-81 to 2003-04, with two sub periods, Period I - 1980-81 to 1991-92 and Period II - 1992-93 to 2003-04 The factor shares of livestock production suggested that feed and fodder group is the major component in the livestock production over time. . For the period between 1980-81 to 1991-92, the share of feed and fodder group in total inputs was 53.50 per cent which had decreased to 47.50 per cent for the period between 1992-93 to 2003-04. The share of human labour which was 13.91 per cent for the period between 1980-81 to 1991-92 had increased to 23.14 percent with the overall average of 18.53 per cent. The component others share was almost stable during different periods. The share of population stock was also estimated to be stable and was 15.39, 12.90 and 14.14 percent for the periods 1980-81 to 1991-92, 1992-93 to 2003-04 and 1980-81 to 2003-04 respectively. The feeding pattern of livestock over time has changed from dry fodder and green fodder towards concentrate due to the increase in the number of cross bred cattle and hybrid fowls.
Description: TNV_IJFAVS_2011_1(1)83-87
Issue Date: 2011-10
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