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Authors: Gunaseelan, M.
Thilakar, P.
Mathialagan, P.
Pandian, A. Serma Saravana
Title: Adoption Level of Improved Dairy Farming Technologies by Farmers in Peri-Urban Areas in Thanjavur District of Tamil Nadu
Other Titles: International Journal of Livestock Research
Publisher: Peer Reviewed
Language: en
Type: Article
Pages: 103-111
Volume: 8
Series/Report no.: ;1
Agrotags: Livestock Research
Keywords: Adoption Level, Determinant Factors, Dairy Farming, Farmers, Peri-urban Areas
Abstract: A study was undertaken to assess the adoption level of improved dairy farming technologies by farmers in peri-urban areas of Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. To this survey, a sample of 120 dairy farmers was selected randomly from 10 peri-urban villages located in and around 10 km radius of the urban areas of Thanjavur city. The analysis of the data revealed that overall, 41.67 per cent of the farmers had medium level of adoption improved dairy management practices, followed by low (35.00%) and high (23.33%) extent of adoption. The results of the logit model showed that the χ2 was 118.09, meaning that the model was statistically significant. Among the chosen independent variables presumed to be the determinants of adoption level of improved dairy farming technologies by peri-urban dairy farmers, the factors viz., educational level of the farmers (5 % level), milk production and economic motivation (1 % level) were found to be statistically significant. This indicates that the increase in educational status of the respondents and milk production in animal would favour respondents to adopt improved dairy farming technology in peri-urban areas. Proper motivation, availability of need based technologies and related information at doorstep, regular organisation camps on different dairy management practices in peri-urban areas would help to adopt improved dairy farming technologies as suggested by the farmers.
Description: TNV_IJLR_2018_8(1)103-111
Issue Date: 2018-01
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