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Authors: Kargwal, Raveena
Advisor: Yadvika
Title: Energy use pattern of pearl millet production and processing
Publisher: CCSHAU
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Agrotags: null
Keywords: Pearl millet, Energy ratio, Yield, Energy output, Energy input
Abstract: The aim of this study was to examine the energy input and output for pearl millet production and processing in HAU farm, selected villages of Hisar and Mahendergarh district of Haryana. Farmers with small, marginal and large land holdings were selected. The centre of excellence, pearl millet, HAU Hisar selected for studying processing of pearl millet of pearl millet. The data were collected through a questionnaire by face to face interviews. The amount of energy consumed in preparatory tillage, sowing, interculture, fertilizer, irrigation, pesticide, harvesting, threshing and transportation were calculated for pearl millet cultivation. The energy inputs in human labour, animal energy, machinery, fuel/diesel, fertilizer, pesticide and seed energy were taken into consideration to determine the amount of energy that was used in pearl millet cultivation. The average energy input of small marginal and large farmers of rainfed region was 4439.33MJ/ha, 4954.94MJ/ha and 5546.98MJ/ha, respectively while in irrigated region was 2824.87MJ/ha 3162.76MJ/ha and 4024.52MJ/ha, respectively. The total energy of HAU farm was estimated to be 4799.41MJ/ha. The average energy input-output ratio were found to be 7.08 in rainfed region, 6.12 in HAU farm and 10.97 in irrigated region.The two sources of energy consumed during processing of pearl millet were manual(8%) and electrical energy(92%).as electrical and human energy. The value of Σαi came out to be more than one in case of rainfed, irrigated region and HAU farm which means increasing return to scale or benefit to the farmers using Cobb-Douglas.
Subject: Processing and Food Engineering
Theme: Energy use pattern of pearl millet production and processing
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 2017
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