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Authors: J.MOORTHY
Editor: Mahandule, D.K.
Publisher: Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri.
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Pages: 110pp
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Keywords: Mixed Farming
Abstract: An attempt has been made to study the economics of mixed fanning in Pune district. Haveli tahsil of Pune district was selected purposively for the present study. Two stage stratified random sampling was adopted in the selection of sample farms. Primary data **-c.e colkr.i. 1 through survey method in predetermined sizes of small (0.01 to 2.00 ha), medium (2.01 ha to 4.00 ha) and large (above 4.01 ha) holdings. In all 90-sample farms comprising of 30 sample farms each in small, medium and large size groups were selected. It was found that on an average 45 per cent of the family members were earners. At the overall level the literacy per cent was observed to be 65 per cent. The average size of holding was 2.83 hectares. The average gross cropped area ranged between 0.97 to 3.49 hectares. On all the types of farms, bajra and jowar were the major crops, which occupied more than 44 per cent of gross cropped area. The cropping intensity was found to be 109.76 per cent at the overall level. The resource use structure on sample farms was studied in respect of human labour, bullock labour, machinery, manures and fertilizers. At the overall level the per hectare human labour required were 64.40 male labour days and 60.02 female labours days. Bullock labour use was 11.92 pair days per hectare. The use of n1?,lures and fertilizers increased as the size of holing increase^ The per hectare cost of cultivation i.e. Cost-C was Rs. 18552.64 at overall level. For different size groups of holdings the total cost was Rs. 19690.84, Rs. 18414.93 and Rs. 17764.09 for small, medium and large sizes, respectively. Gross returns for small, medium and large groups were Rs.24341.28, Rs 23817.28 and Rs.24549.09. The net returns at the overall level were Rs.5613.45.Output-input ratio was 1.31 at overall level. The total maintenance cost per milrh animal oer annum at overall was Rs. 18623.19.For different size groups groups total maintenance cost was Rs.16637.93, Rs.18958.46 and Rs.20273.19 respectively. Gross returns for small, medium and large groups were Rs.21224.35, Rs.24046.98 and Rs.25481.26. The net returns at the overall level were Rs.4961.00.Output-input ratio at overall level was 1.27 At the overall level, the total employment days was 206.62 male days and 153.73 female days. The total employment days were highest in dairy enterprise. The total annual income was Rs.29428.03, Rs.50463.89 and Rs.73760.00 for small, medium* and large size farms respectively. Cobb-Douglas type of production function was fitted to the data. Gross cropped area (xi) was found to be negetively significant in case of large size group of holding. Human labour (x2) was found highly significant at overall level and significant for all the three size groups of holdings. Bullock labour (X3) was found highly significant for only large size group. Cash expenses on crop activity (x4) were found significant for small, medium and large size groups of holding. Cash expenses on livestock activity (x5) were found highly significant at overall level. Number of milch animals (x6) was found significant for small, medium, large size groups and overall level. Higher resource use efficiency was achieved in case of bullock labour (x3), cash expenses on crop activity (x4) and number of milch animals (x6). The analysis brings out many policy implicatiorio. There is need for more diversification of the present cropping pattern through increased irrigation and credit facilities besides this rv,rtr" importance should be given subsidary enterprises especitially dairy. There need of adoption of crossbred cows instead of local cows. In the light of the results and the importance of study one can advocate the need for adoption of integrated production approach conducive to bringing about the shifts in the economic status of the cultivator more towards profitable scenerio.
Description: M.Sc.
Subject: Agricultural Economics
Issue Date: 2002
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