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Authors: Yadav, M. H.
Advisor: Gatne, M. M.
Title: Evaluation Of Protective Effect Of Vitex Negundo (Nirundi) On Induced Osteoarthritis In Wistar Rats
Publisher: MAFSU, Nagpur.
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Pages: 127
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Keywords: Protective Effect, Vitex, Negundo, Nirundi, Induced, Osteoarthritis, Wistar, Rats
Abstract: Osteoarthritis (OA) is important joint diseases that affects human as well as animals. Vitex negundo is multipurpose plant having various medicinal properties. The present study was undertaken to assess the effect methanolic extract of Vitex negundo against mono sodium iodoacetate induced osteoarthritis in Wistar rats. The study was conducted on 72 rats divided into six groups designated as 1 to 6 each containing 12 rats. Group 1 served as negative control (received normal saline intra-articularly and did not receive any treatment), group 2 served as positive control(received monosodium iodoacetate intra-articularly & did not receive any treatment), group 3 served as the standard group I & received monosodium iodoacetate intra-articulrarly on day 0 and treatment with megaflex @ 0.46 g/rat/day orally. Group 4 served as standard group II, received monosodium iodoacetate intra-articularly on day 0 and treatment with carprofen @ 5 mg /kg b. wt. Group 5 & 6 served as test groups that received monosodium iodoacetate intra-articulrarly on day 0 and oral treatment with Vitex negundo extract @ 50 & 100 mg/kg b wt./day respectively. Treatments started on 15th day in all the groups & continued till days 42. Various parameters assessed were such as body weight (weekly), radiograph(on 0, 15 and 42 day) of knee joint, gait of rat (0, 14 ,28 & 42 day), joint diameter (0,14,21,28,35 & 42 day), locomotor activity by actophotometer on day ( -1,14,21,28,41), analgesic activity by Eddy’s hot plate. (on 21st day) and histopathology of joint specimen at the end of study. There was overall increase in body weights in all the groups, indicated that megaflex, carprofen or VN leaves extract had no adverse effect on body weight gain. Group 3, group 4, group 5 & group 6 showed improvement in gait score as treatment progressed. There was increase in reaction time to pain stimuli in group 5 and 6 by Eddys hot plate suggestive of analgesic activity of Vitex negundo. Radiographs from group 3, 4, 5 & 6 showed improvement in joint spacing as compared to group 2 but showed less joint space as compared to group 1 on 45th day. From findings of present study it’s concluded that Vitex negundo after oral administration of methanolic extract at dose of 50 & 100 mg/kg b. wt in rats indicated some beneficial effects in reversing osteoarthritis. This indirectly indicates that the active principles of VN are absorbed after oral administration resulting in improvement in joint space, gait and some degree of analgesia. In animal patients with OA, further studies are suggested after oral administration of Vitex negundo.
Subject: Veterinary Pharmacology
Theme: Evaluation Of Protective Effect Of Vitex Negundo (Nirundi) On Induced Osteoarthritis In Wistar Rats
These Type: M.V.Sc.
Issue Date: 2011
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