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Authors: Ajay Kumar
Advisor: Rajendra Singh
Title: Processing of Black Gram (Vigna mungo L) for quick cooking
Publisher: CCSHAU
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Keywords: Processing, Vignamungo L, Cooking.
Abstract: The present work was undertaken for development of process for fast cooking of black gram (whole and splitted). The quick cooking black gram dhal was evaluated for sensory quality after processing and storage for two months in different packaging materials at room temperature. Black gram (whole and splitted) grains were procured from local market. Black gram (whole and splitted) grains were soaked in distilled water and salt solution (1.5 % sodium bicarbonate, 0.5% sodium carbonate, 0.75% citric acid) for 12 hrs. Water uptake and solute losses during soaking were determined. After soaking the samples were cooked by different methods viz. microwave coking, steam cooking, pressure-cooking, vat cooking. Cooking time and solute losses were recorded. After cooking, samples were dried by cabinet drying and fluidized bed drying at 600C. After drying the samples were analyzed for grain hardness, cooking time, hydration and dispersion. . Whereas, salt soaked black gram (splitted) showed significantly lower cooking time than water soaked black gram (splitted) dhal. But in case of whole grains no effect of salt soaking on cooking time of instantized dhals was found. So water soaking was considered for instantization. Cabinet drying was found best suited for dying of cooked dhal. Treatments showed significant decrease in fat and protein and ash. The best combination was then packed in different packaging material viz. polypropylene, aluminum foil-polyethylene laminated pouches, polyethylene, and glass jar and stored for two months at room temperature. After two months the samples were analyzed for cooking time. It was observed that cooking time significantly increased after two months storage at room temperature, non-significant changes in sensory quality of products were observed. Steam precooked black gram dhal had better hardness, less cooking time, less dispersion, sufficiently higher hydration. Thus, salt soaking, steam cooking and cabinet drying was concluded as best treatment for development of quick cooking splitted black gram dhal and water soaking, steam cooking, and cabinet drying in whole black gram dhal.
Subject: Food Science and Technology
Theme: Processing of Black Gram (Vigna mungo L) for quick cooking
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 2004
Appears in Collections:M. Sc. Dissertations

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