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Authors: Gupta, Sambhu Saran
Advisor: Nanda, Trilok
Title: To study the expression of OAS-1 gene transcript and its association with pregnancy diagnosis in buffalo
Publisher: LUVAS
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Keywords: Murrah buffalo, OAS1, GAPDH, ELISA, PAGs, Progestrone, OAS1 protein
Abstract: Present study was carried out to find out role of OAS1 gene transcript, PAGs, progesterone and OAS1 protein levels in diagnosis of pregnancy in Murrah buffalo with an objective to pave way for a simple lab based early pregnancy marker using real time PCR and ELISA. The present investigation involved 29 murrah buffalo heifers/cows and 6 murrah buffalo bulls. Collection of blood is done on different stages during first 35 days of post-A.I in case of pregnant animals and in non-pregnant cyclic animals. Relative gene expression levels of OAS1 with respect to endogenous control (GAPDH) determined by Real Time PCR, it was observed that expression level of the said gene was up-regulated on 7th day of pregnancy and increases gradually and reaches the maximum on the 17th day then hence is gradually decline the expression in pregnant animals (both in buffalo heifers and buffalo cows). After day 28th of pregnancy, their expression is very negligible. In case of nonpregnant cyclic animals and bulls, the expressions was down-regulated. Further confirmation of pregnancy was done through PAGs and progesterone assay. Where it was found that PAGs concentration was detectable in plasma from 28 days onward in case of pregnant animals with plasma progesterone levels above 5.0ng/ml after day 17 of pregnancy but the level starts falling in case of non pregnant animals. OAS1 protein concentration was reaches the peak between day 14-17 of post A.I. In case of non pregnant animals, the concentration could not significantly increase with respect to pregnant animals. Keeping the current study in view, if first three tools i.e OAS1 gene expression, PAGs assay and progesterone assay are used together and standards for positive gestation are set, then likelihood of a correct pregnancy diagnosis will increase and OAS1 protein quantification may help us for the development of ELISA based pregnancy diagnostic kit in future.
Subject: Animal Biotechnology
Theme: To study the expression of OAS-1 gene transcript and its association with pregnancy diagnosis in buffalo
These Type: M.V.Sc.
Issue Date: 2014
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