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dc.contributor.advisorNanda, Trilok-
dc.contributor.authorMurmu, Monika-
dc.description.abstractThe present study was carried out on 5 buffalo bull semen ejaculates. Semen were collected at semen bank, Hisar. In vitro capacitation was done in media supplement containing caffeine and was confirmed by head to head agglutination and acrosome reaction after staining with giemsa stain. It was found that acrosomal reaction occurred sooner and stronger in caffeine containing media supplement. Dead and dead acrosome reacted sperm cells were also high at the end of 90 min of incubation in caffeine media supplement. Fresh and in vitro capacitated spermatozoa were investigated for the presence of CatSper2 gene transcript using RT-PCR and Real Time PCR analysis. RT-PCR and Real Time PCR analysis revealed that CatSper2 gene transcripts were expressed in fresh as well as in vitro capacitated spermatozoa of buffalo bull semen as well as its expression up-regulated during the incubation as the number of acrosome reacted spermatozoa percentage increases. Based on band intensity it was found that expression of gene was slight higher in in vitro capacitated spermatozoa as compared to fresh ejaculated spermatozoa. Presence of CatSper2 gene transcripts in in vitro capacitated spermatozoa is suggestive of role of this gene in regulating process of capacitation in this species.en_US
dc.titleExpression of Catsper2 gene transcripts in capacitated and non-capacitated buffalo spermatozoa by real time PCRen_US
dc.subAnimal Biotechnologyen_US
dc.themeExpression of Catsper2 gene transcripts in capacitated and non-capacitated buffalo spermatozoa by real time PCRen_US
dc.keywordsIn vitro capacitation, Acrosomal reaction, RT-PCR, Real time PCRen_US
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