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Authors: Karva, Shruti
Advisor: Choudhary, Naveen
Title: Energy Efficient Cluster Based Multipath Routing in WSN
Publisher: MPUAT, Udaipur
Citation: Karva and Choudhary, 2016
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Pages: 90
Agrotags: null
Keywords: Energy, Cluste, r Based, Multipat, h Routing, WSN
Abstract: Wireless sensor network can be defined as a network of densely deployed sensor nodes. Sensor networks have wide range of applications and are a topic of great research. These sensor nodes have limited energy and have low processing and storage capabilities. Due to this, we require energy efficient routing protocols so that much of the energy of the nodes is not wasted in routing of data packets. In our thesis, we present an energy efficient routing scheme. This routing protocol is a combination of cluster-based routing and multipath routing. We arrange all the sensor nodes in the network in the form of small clusters. Each of these clusters has a cluster head. Nodes which lie within a cluster send its data to its respective cluster head. The transfer of data from nodes to cluster head is through direct communication. All the cluster heads transfer their data to the sink or base station. This transfer of data is through multipath routing.
Description: Energy Efficient Cluster Based Multipath Routing in WSN
Subject: Agricultural Engineering
Theme: Energy Efficient Cluster Based Multipath Routing in WSN
Research Problem: Energy Efficient Cluster Based Multipath Routing in WSN
These Type: M.Tech.
Issue Date: 2016
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