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Authors: Mondhe Dnyaneshwar Santu
Advisor: Satish Kumar, Gupta
Title: Drying kinetics of osmotically treated papaya (Carica papaya L.)
Publisher: PAU Ludhiana
Language: en
Type: Thesis
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Keywords: Keywords: Osmotic treatment, air-drying, osmotically treated papaya, quality parameters, packaging materials, HDPE film, LAF and storage conditions.
Abstract: The study on the drying kinetics of osmotically treated papaya (Carica papaya L.) was undertaken to select the best osmotically treated papaya samples and to select the suitable package material for extending the shelf-life based on physicochemical quality and sensory evaluation. The papaya was peeled, cut into cubical forms and given osmotic treatment of three different concentrations (0Brix) of osmotic solution for three different durations (h). These samples were then air-dried at three different temperatures and quality parameters were analyzed after osmotic treatment, before convective drying and then after convective drying and the best concentration, duration of osmosis and best drying temperature were selected to further develop the product. Fresh papaya cubes without osmotic treatment were also subjected to air drying. The drying kinetics of osmotically treated and untreated papaya samples was studied. These osmo-treated air-dried and untreated air-dried products were packaged in LAF and HDPE films and were then stored under ambient conditions and refrigerated temperature (3±0.50C). The analysis was carried out to estimate the quality and shelf-life of the stored osmotically treated and air-dried papaya during the whole storage period of four months. The parameters evaluated were moisture content (%), color difference in terms of Δb value, hardness (g-force), ascorbic acid (mg/100 ml of fresh juice), shrinkage/volume change (%) and sensory characteristics such as color, texture and flavour etc. Loss of ascorbic acid content was minimum during the storage period. Based on the physicochemical quality parameters and sensory evaluation, it was found that the best physical product was osmotically treated and air-dried one under the conditions of osmotic treatment for 6 h with 65 0Brix and then air-dried at 60 0C for 400 min and stored at refrigerated temperature. LAF film was the best packaging material for extending the shelf-life of treated and untreated products stored at room temperature and refrigerated temperature respectively. HDPE was found best for treated product stored at refrigerated temperature and maintaining the quality of product up to four months. Refrigerated conditions were observed as the better storage conditions than the room temperature. The statistical analysis was also done to check the significance of different packaging materials used under different storage conditions.
Subject: Processing and Food Engineering
Theme: papaya (Carica papaya L.)
These Type: M.Tech.
Issue Date: 2012
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