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Authors: Singh, Jitendra
Advisor: Kothari, Mahesh
Title: Performance Evaluation of Bhimsagar Irrigation Project
Publisher: MPUAT, Udaipur
Citation: Singh and Kothari, 2014
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Pages: 192
Agrotags: null
Keywords: Performance, Evaluation, Irrigation Project
Abstract: The study was undertaken to evaluate performance of Bhimsagar Irrigation Project (BIP). The three minors each located on Left and Right Main Canal were selected for evaluation study. Performance was evaluated using different performance indicators which include - Water delivery performance indicators, Technical performance indicators, Maintenance and Comparative performance indicators. The physical state of canal distribution system was found to be poor. The gates and pipe outlets were found damaged at 18 places. Excessive vegetation/weed growth was observed in the canals. Silt deposition was observed at 15 places in main canals/minors. Due to excess seepage from canal, water logging problem is observed in pockets of command area. Soybean and Wheat are the major crops of Kharif and Rabi season respectively. The overall adequacy for Bhimsagar irrigation project was found fair for head and middle reaches whereas ‘poor’ adequacy was found for tail reaches. The average gates adequacy was found ‘poor’ with value 0.765. The system was found unreliable in water delivery with respect to time with average dependability value of 0.498 due to faulty water distribution methods. Overall equity was found good to fair at head and middle reaches whereas poor at tail reaches due to unfair share of water from head to tail reaches. Average water storage efficiency was found as 85.35. Area uniformity was found as poor due to unfair share of water from head to tail reaches. Average on farm application efficiency was found as 79.40 per cent indicating water is applied efficiently to the land. Water conveyance efficiency was found as 75.26 per cent, which indicates almost 25 per cent water is lost during conveyance. Wheat crop was found most efficient in terms of water utilization. Water Use efficiency of Rabi crops was found maximum in year 2013-14. Average relative change of water level was observed between 11-13 per cent, showing water level was decreased in the canal from the designed level. Effectiveness of infrastructure was 82 per cent which means 18 per cent structures are damaged. Output per unit of land cropped and Output per unit of command area was found maximum in year 2013-14 and minimum in year 2009-10. Output per unit of irrigation supply was found highest in 2010-11 whereas Output per unit of water consumed was found highest in year 2012-13. Average values of relative water supply and relative irrigation supply was found inadequate at tail reaches of canals in the year 2013-14. The irrigation ratio was found ‘poor’. Canal Network was found sustainable from years 2011-12 to 2013-14 by obtaining sustainability of irrigated area value of higher than 100 per cent. Area infrastructure ratio were more than projected value of 108.46 Km/ha from 2011-12 to 2013-14. Average of gross return on investment was found as 21.44 per cent. Financial self-sufficiency of project is on decreasing path from year 2006-07 (except 2010-11) and observed minimum (54 per cent) in year 2013-14 on account of increasing in O&M expenditure. 137
Description: Performance Evaluation of Bhimsagar Irrigation Project
Subject: Land and Water Management Engineering
Theme: Performance Evaluation of Bhimsagar Irrigation Project
Research Problem: Performance Evaluation of Bhimsagar Irrigation Project
These Type: M.Tech.
Issue Date: 2014
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