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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-02Protocol for Herbicide-based Weed Control in RiceSaha, Sanjay; Munda, Sushmita; Patra, B.C.; Satapathy, B.S.
-Energy Footprints of Rice ProductionPatel, S.P; Guru, P.K; Borkar, N.T; Debnath, M; Lal, B; Gautam, P; Kumar, Anjani; Bhaduri, D; Chatterjee, D; Shahid, M; Tripathi, R; Nayak, A.K; Pathak, H
2014-11ICAR Sponsored Winter School on "Advanced Techniques for Assessment of Soil Health, GHG Emissions and Carbon Sequestration in Rice under Changing Climate Scenario and Mitigation StrategiesNayak, A.K.; Shahid, Mohammad; Bhattacharyya, Pratap; Nayak, A.K.
-Nutrient Management for Enhancing Submergence Tolerance in RiceGautam, Priyanka; Lal, B; Nayak, A.K.; Tripathi, R; Shahid, M; Baig, M.J.; Maharana, S; Raja, R; Panda, B.B.; Mohanty, S; Chatterjee, D; Guru, P.K.; Kumar, U
2016-04System of Rice Intensification: A Critical AnalysisLal, B; Nayak, A.K.; Gautam, Priyanka; Tripathi, Rahul; Shahid, M.; Panda, B.B.; Bhattacharyya, Pratap; Rao, K.S.
2014Agroclimatic Characterization for Crop planning in Water Stress Prone Areas of GanjamRaja, R; Panda, B.B; Nayak, A.K.; Mohanty, Sangita; Rao, K.S.; Bandyopadhyay, S.K.
2013Identification and Management of Nutrient Disorders and Diseases in Rice: A Visual Diagnostic ToolNayak, A.K.; Shahid, Mohammad; Raja, R; Lal, B; Goutam, Priyanka; Bhattacharyya, Pratap; Kumar, Anjani; Tripathi, Rahul; Mohanty, Sangita; Panda, B.B.; Mohapatra, S.D.; Das, K.M.; Shukla, A.K.
-Rice-Fish: Diversified Farming System for Rainfed Lowland AreasSinhababu, D.P.; Nayak, P.K.; Sahu, P.K.
-Commercialization of Rice-Fish Farming System Model of CRRI- A Success StorySinhababu, D.P.; Kumar, G.A.K
-Naveen: A high yeilding rice variety for irrigated/ boro lands package of practicesPattnaik, SSC; Rao, K.S.; Rao, G.J.N.; Jena, M; Das, K.M.
-Weedy Rice: A Threat to Rice Farming and its ControlSaha, Sanjay; Patra, B.C.; Munda, Susmita; Rao, K.S.; Director, NRRI, Cuttack
-Advance Technology for Greenhouse Gas Monitoring in Rice & Rice based Cropping SystemsBhattacharya, P.; Rao, K.S.; Adhya, T.K.; Director, NRRI, Cuttack
2015-04Dhan Fasalre Samannyta Pranali Re Matiagunti Poka (BPH) Damana (Odia)Jena, Mayabini; Adak, Totan; Sahu, R.K.; Pokhare, S.S.; Berliner, J.
-Placement of Urea Briquettes in Lowland Rice: An Environment- friendly Technology for Enhancing Yield and Nitrogen Use EfficiencyNayak, A.K.; Mohanty, Sangita; Chatterjee, Dibyendu; Guru, P.K.; Lal, B.; Shahid, M.; Tripathi, Rahul; Gautam, Priyanka; Kumar, Anjani; Bhatteracharyya, Pratap; Panda, B.B.; Kumar, Upendra; Director, NRRI, Cuttack
2015-04Dhan Ki Kheti Me Vhura Poudh Mahu Ka Samannuit PrabandhanJena, Mayabini; Adak, Totan; Sahu, R.K.; Pokhare, S.S.; Berliner, J.
2015-04Integrated Management of Brown Plant Hopper (BPH)Jena, Mayabini; Adak, Totan; Sahu, R.K.; Pokhare, S.S.; Berliner, J.
2012-04Dhan ra Patrapoda (BLB) Roga Ebam Ehara Niyantrana (Odia)Das, K.M.
-Stagnant Flooding Toleranace in Rice: Endeavours and AchivementSarkar, R.K.; Director, NRRI, Cuttack
2012Dhan ra Mahisa (Blast) Roga Ebam Ehara Pratikara (Odia)Das, K.M.
2015-12Dhan Vhitika Fasal Parjjayare Unnat Pranalire Biri (Black Gram) Chasa (Odia)Prasad, S.M.; Sethy, S.; Dash, S.K.; Pradhan, S.K.; Sarangi, D.R.; Chourasia, M.; Sahoo, T.R.; Mahanta, R.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 31