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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05-31Assessment of drought responses of chilli [capsicum annum L.] genotypes by using modern plant phenomics toolsWaghmare, G.M.; Babar, Rohit Rajiv
2019-05-30Effect of feeding neem and peltophorum leaves in combination with grasses on growth performance of osmanabadi kidsShinde, A.T.; Gavit, Digambar Pandurang
2019-08-22Integrated management of anthracnose of chilli [capsicum annuum L.] caused by colletotrichum capsici [syd.] butler and bisbyDhutraj, D.N.; Badgujar, Sandeep Lotan
2019-05-30Metroglyph and d2 analysis in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)Toprope, V.N.; Thakur, Niranjan Ravindra
2019-05-30Effect of multinutrient briquettes on movement of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and zinc in soil and its influence on yield of bt-cottonPatil, V.D.; Kakde, Gauri Chimajirao
2019-05-30Study on induced mutation in sorghum [sorghum bicolor(L.) moench]Kalpande, H.V.; Surase, Satish Murlidhar
2019-05-31Studies on effect of soil and foliar feeding of nutrients through organic and inorganic sources on yield and quality of sweet orange [citrus sinensis L. osbeck]Patil, V.D.; Shilewant, Snehal Suresh
2019-07-30Effect of growth retardants on flowering fruiting and yield of okra cv. pbn-ok-1 [abelmoschus esculentus(L)]Munde, G.R.; Jadhav, Ashwini Dhondiram
2019-05-31Study on consequent effects of soil loss under various land configuration practicesPendke, M.S.; Kanchu Jahnavi
2019-08-26Generation mean analysis in chilli [capsicum annumm L]Jagtap, V.S.; Kale, Tanhaji Shivaji
2019-05-30Effect of different chemicals on flowering yield and quality of custard apple [annona squamosa L.] cv. dharur-6Munde, G.R.; Bidave, Shradha Ramesh
2019-07-31Effect of levels of N, P, K on growth, yield and quality of guava [psidium guajava L] under high density plantingKadam, A.S.; Chavan, Mayuri Tarasing
2019-05-30Studies on genetic variability, correlation coefficient and path analysis in niger [guizotia abyssinica L. cass]Toprope, V.N.; Atlawar, Shyamsunder Shankar
2019-05-31Genetic variability and correlation studies for yield and yield contributing traits soybean [glycine max. (L.) merrill]Sarang, D.H.; Pawar, Sitaram Kushaba
2019-05-31Effect of potassium and zinc application on growth, nutrient uptake, yield and quality of sunflower [helianthus annus L.] in inceptisolIndulkar, B.S.; Thosar, Gopal Dattrao
2019-05-30Effect of different levels of pruning on growth yiela and quality of pomegranate [punica granatum L.] cv. super bhagwaJagtap, V.S.; Ghatul, Ishwar Digambar
2019-05-31Studies on bacterial leaf spot of mango caused by santhomonas campestris pv. mangiferaeindicae [patel] robbsApet, K.T.; Bandi Navya Tejaswini
2019-05-31Assessment of nutritional status of rural preschool children [4-6 years]Khan, T.N.; Barse, Varsha Prakash
2019-05-31Development of kharodi making extruderJayebhaye, R.V.; Giram, Rameshwar Jayram
2019-05-31Performance evaluation of multi-grain popping cum puffing machine for selected grainsKhodke, S.U.; Nakade, Kanifnath Trimbak
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 7152