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Authors: Sandeep Kumar
Advisor: Yadvika
Title: Spent mushroom substrate utilization using different portable technologies
Publisher: CCSHAU
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Keywords: Biogas, SMS, Earthworm separator, Vermicompost and biomass geyser
Abstract: In present scenario, portable technologies are becoming popular because of their fabrication, installation, transportation and less space requirement. These are effective and efficient in terms of technology and cost. Mushroom industry is generating about 1-2 million tons per ton of mushroom harvested. Hence, the disposal of spent mushroom substrate is becoming a challenge for the mushroom growers. In the present study, three portable technologies i.e. Portable biogas plant, vermibed and biomass geyser were selected. Utilization of spent mushroom substrate was done using these portable technologies. Also one portable earthworm separator machine was developed during the course of this study. SMS was added as additive (2%) in 2 m3 portable biogas plant on alternative days for 4 months i.e. Jan-April. The average daily temperature varied between 18-40°C. Biogas production in control and SMS based biogas plants varied between 600 to 1214 litres and 726 to 1438 litres, respectively. The methane percentage was 55% in control and 60% in SMS based biogas plant. The benefit cost ratio of biogas plant came out to be around 1.5 and payback period was 3.62 years. Two portable vermibeds were fed with cattle dung and SMS in 2:1 and 4:1 ratio for compost preparation. The vermicompost was prepared in 70 days. N, P, K content of 2:1 based vermicompost were 0.16, 0.57 and 0.19% and 4:1 based vermicompost were 1.90, 0.57 and 1.54%. 4:1 based vermicompost was found to be better as compared to 2:1. The benefit cost ratio of vermibed was found to be around 4 and payback period was 3 months. The separation of vermicompost and earthworm was done using developed portable earthworm separator. It took 1 min to separate 2 kg of vermicompost. The separations efficiency was around 90%. The cost of this developed machine was Rs. 5000. Portable biomass geyser was operated on a mixture of cattle dung and SMS (5:1) for heating water. The cost of heating 100 litres of H2O came out to be Rs. 54 in case of electric geyser and Rs. 32 in case of biomass geyser. It can be concluded from the present study that SMS has proved to be a suitable additive along with cattle dung in portable technologies viz. Biogas plant, Vermibed and Biomass geyser. Hence, this waste can be disposed off in an eco friendly and more energy efficient manner using farmer friendly portable technologies.
Subject: Processing and Food Engineering
Theme: Spent mushroom substrate utilization using different portable technologies
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 2016
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