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Authors: Neethiselvan, N
Venkataramani, VK
Title: A New Species of Cuttlefish ,Sepia vecchioni (Cephalopoda,sepiidae) from Colachal Coast, South India
Publisher: Journal of American Science
Language: en
Type: Reprint
Pages: 12-21
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Keywords: Sepia vecchioni sepia prashadi, Rhombosepion, species complex
Abstract: A new species of cuttlefish sepia vecchioni sp.nov. hitherto wrongly treated as. S. Prashadi Winck worth. 1936 collected from the Colachal fish landing centre (8^10' N. 77^15 'E) of South India is described. The dorsal mantle of S vecchioni sp.nov has distinct white stripes facing upwards in contrast to transervese Zebra type stripes with the ends facing downward on the closely related species. S Prashadi. Unlike S. Prashadi, a well-defined sexual dimorphism with respect to shape and length of arm is also seen in S.vecchioni sp.nov. In matired males of this species. the first and fourth pair of arms are greatly extended and the first pair is whip like. Males if this species also differ from that of S. Prashadi with regard to sucker arrangement on hectocotylized arm. Though both the species can be classified under Aeanthosepion species complex of Rochebrune (1984) by having weakly and incompletely clacified cuttlebone. The comprison of morphological characters, meristic characters and cuttlebone charecteristics of S.vecchioni sp.nov with that of other five closely related species of the genus sepia of world waters are also discussed. [ Journal of American Science 2010:6(4):12-21] (ISSN :1545-1003)
Issue Date: 2010
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