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Authors: Bains, Khushmeet Kaur
Publisher: Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana
Language: en
Type: Thesis
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Keywords: Brassica, nitrogen, chlorophyll, chlorophyll-fluorescence
Abstract: The present investigation was carried out on a set of forty-eight genotypes of Brassica juncea to assess the effect of nitrogen on physiological, growth and yield traits during two crop seasons. Leaf area revealed variability in the light harvesting capacity of genotypes manifested in terms of LAI, chlorophyll, PAR interception which were reduced under N-stress. During crop growth and development, chlorophyll content and LAI was highest at 90 DAS and PAR interception at 60 DAS. Under unfertilized conditions(N0) photochemical efficiency was much lower (0.677-0.744 mean 0.706) indicating more damage to PSII whereas higher values (0.708-0.775 mean 0.735) indicated only minor photoinhibition with fertilization. Improvement in photochemical efficiency (Fv/Fm) was 3.9%, photosystem activity (Fv/Fo) 13.3%, ETR 45.9% and root length 28.1% with fertilization(N100). Growth and yield attributes improved significantly with N. With N0 cultivars PBR-357, JT-152-1 and ELM-151 and with N100 JT-152-1, MLM-19, NPJ-79 and PBR-357 recorded highest seed yield. Yield improvements was less than 10% in MCP-632, PBR-357, JT-152-1 and ELM- 151 and were rated as promising/N-efficient genotypes. Oil content decreased while protein content increased significantly with fertilization. An increase of 20.4% in oil yield and 25.9% in protein yield was recorded with N100. Positive correlation existed between oil content and protein yield (r=0.630*) under N-deficient and with fertilization (r=0.612*). N uptake enhanced by 27.2% and had strong positive correlation with seed yield under N-deficient (r=0.988**) and fertilization (r=0.989**). Eruric acid ˂ 2% was found in cultivars K-109- 113, EC-564646, ELM-303, JM-06026, EKLA and JC-1359-23-558 which is a desirable quality trait.
Subject: Botany
Theme: Brassica
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 2014
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