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Authors: Ambast, S. K.
Editor: Roy Chowdhury, S
Thakur, A. K.
Mandal, K. G.
Panigrahi, P
Sinha, M. K.
Other: Verma, O. P.
Title: Annual Report 2014-2015
Publisher: ICAR-Indian Institute of Water Management (ICAR), Bhubaneswar (Odisha)
Citation: ICAR-IIWM, 2015. Annual Report 2014-15 (85 pgs.)
Language: en
Type: Report
Pages: 85 +(I-VIII)
Series/Report no.: Report;
Agrotags: null
Abstract: Research achievements, Events/Trainings Organized for Women Empowerment, AICRP, List of publications, Awards/Honours/Recognitions, RAC/IRC/IMC/AICRPs Meeting, List of Sponsored/Collaborative/Consultancy Projects, Events Organixed, Joining/ Promotion/Transfer/Retirement, Personnel, Finance
Issue Date: 2015
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