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Authors: Kale, Sangram Dharmaji
Advisor: Adsule, Dr.R.N
Pharande, Dr.A.L
Kadlag, Dr.A.D
Amrutsagar, Dr.V.M
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Agrotags: null
Abstract: A pot culture experiment was conducted to determine the ritical level of available sulphur for Inceptisol soils of Rahuri Tahsil for sunflower crop. Soil samples from fifteen different locations were collected The experiment was laid in completely randomised block design with five treatments (0,15, 30, 45 and 60 mg kg-1 S) and with two replications. The observations on plant height and dry matter yield were recorded. The content and uptake of nutrients (N, P, K and S) by sunflower were determined. The critical levels of sulphur in soil and plant were worked out according to method of Cate and Nelson (1965, 1971) The results obtained indicated that the plant height was not affected by sulphur application. The average dry matter yield varied from 3 45 to 4 53 g plant1 amongst 15 locations. There was significant increase in dry matter yield by application of sulphur upto 30 mg kg4 The mean N uptake values ranged from 42 95 to 83 91 mg plant1 and were significantly increased due to application of sulphur upto 30 mg kg-1 in all soils. The mean P uptake value varied from 10 56 to 17 87 mg plant1 which indicated the significant response to sulphur upto 30 mg kg-1 in soils containing low and high available sulphur and upto 60 mg kg4 in soils containing medium available sulphur. The K uptake was significantly mcreased by sulphur application upto 30 mg kg^1 soil in low and high sulphur status soils and upto 45 mg kg-1 soil m medium sulphur status soils. The mean K uptake value ranged between 54.8 -112 9 mg plant1. The mean value of sulphur concentration in the sunflower plants varied from 0.165 to 0.270 per cent. There was significant increase m the concentration of sulphur in sunflower plants due to application of sulphur upto 30 mg kg-1 soil m all soils. Also there was significant increase m sulphur application upto 30 mg kg-1 soil The mean values of sulphur uptake varied from 5 57 to 12.23 mg plant1. The results indicated response of sunflower plants to sulphur application in all soils The critical concentration of sulphur in plant for Inceptisol was found to be 0 24 per cent and critical level of sulphur m Inceptisol soil for sunflower plant was found to be 13.33 mg plant1
Subject: Soil Sciences
Theme: Soil Science
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 2002-12-30
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