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Authors: Devi, D. S. S. Vimala
Advisor: Pharande, Dr.A.L
Shinde, Dr.B.N
Adsule, Dr.R.N
Sonar, Dr.K.R
Language: en
Type: Thesis
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Abstract: The e f f e c t of urea (U), ammonium n i t r a t e (AN), ammonium sulphate (AS) and dianwonium phosphate (DAP) and) 100, 200 and at 400 mg N k g - 1 l e v e l s on ammonia v o l a t i l i s a t i o n and ammoniutt f i x a t i o n was studied l a ten widespread and benchmark s w e l l - shrink s o i l s of Maharashtra under laboratory conditions. The physical and chemical properties of these s o i l s were studied and correlated with ammonia v o l a t i l i z a t i o n and ammonium The s o i l s were alkaline and calcareous, low i n organic matter and soluble s a l t s (except Rastapur and Miraj}* high in CEC and clay and highly base saturated. Saturation paste extract of Rastapur, Miraj* Dholwad s o i l s e r i e s showed s a l i n e - sodic features with higher values of pHe, ECe with dominance of Na+, Mg2+ and HCO* i o n s as comparad with other swell. sbrink s o i l s of Maharashtras The Kiranapur and Aroli s o i l s e r i e s showed the lower ammonia v o l a t i l i s a t i o n l o s s e s from d i f f e r e n t sources of nitrogen. The Rastapur, Miraj and Dholwad s o i l s e r i e s with saline sodic features resulted in higher cumulative ammonia l o s s . The surface application of ammonimnitrate and urea showed lower ammonia volatilization, whereas i t was higher with diammonium phosphate and ammonium sulphate application* With increasing levels of nitrogen application, there was increase in ammonia (12.7 to 13*3 tag kg**) volatilization l o s s , the BAP* AS and AN showed maximum loss of ammonia, but urea showed delayed ammonia loss and the peak, was noticed fch .1 on 4 day at 100 t o 200 mg leg * level of nitrogen and on 6 day at 400 ag kg*1 level of nitrogen* Ammonium fixation showed wide variation (37.1 to 60.6 ag kg*2) in swell-shrink s o i l s of Maharashtra* Higher — . n i u - « * . « « , « . * . « , « , x» KiTB^ur ( W . . - g *,"*> and Aroli (55.9 mg kg**1) soil series* The Rastepur and Mir0J s o i l series having saline sodic features fixed less ammonium ions* Among the f e r t i l i z e r sources, the urea audi ammonium nitrate showed the higher ammonium fixation and increased i t with increase in levels of nitrogen applied* The s o i l pH, EC* free CaC03# exchangeable N«+, organic carbon and total H contents of soil and pHe, ECe, Na+ and HCO* of saturation paste extract of s o i l showed significant positive correlation with ammonia volatilization* However* Contd##. . Abstract Y.S.S. Vimala D«vi these characters were negatively correlated with ammonium fixation, She presence of C*2** Mg2* end Ci* in saturation paste extract showed negative correlation with ammonium fixation, i s general, the awaoniura fixation capacity was negatively correlated with aawonia volatilization of applied H in swell-shrink s o i l s of Maharashtra.
Subject: Soil Sciences
Theme: Soil Science
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 1996-06-18
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