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Authors: Mundad, Purushottam R
Advisor: Patil, A.S
Daftardar, S.Y
Pawar, H.K
Publisher: MAHATMA PHULE AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY RAHUR1 DIST-Ahmednagar (Maharashtra State, India)
Language: en
Type: Thesis
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Abstract: The present investigation was undertaken with a view to assess the quality of well water of Kopargaon tahsil of Ahmednagai district. Water samples from 132 wells used for irrigation were collected and analysed for various constituents such as cations (Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+ and K+), anions (Co2-, HCo-, Cl- and S042- and boron. Most of the well waters were alkaline in nature with average pH of 7.72. The Na+ and HC0- were the dominant ions in most of the water samples. The analytical data were used for calculating the derived parameters such as SSP, SAR, Adj. SAR, RSC and Mg/Ca and Cl/SO, ratios. The average values of EC, SAR, —1 —1 ) ½ Adj. SAR and RSC were 1.21 dSm-1 , 6.2 (mmols L ) , 12.47 and 1.53 me L-1 , respectively. The values of EC, SAR, Adj. SAR and RSC of about 50 per cent of the water samples were moderately safe and hence the waters can be used for irrigation provided proper soil management such as drainage is adopted. The release of Ca + Mg from soil under saline environment 2+ 2+ was also studied. It was concluded that appreciable Ca + Mg was released from soil which drastically reduced the initial SAR and more reduction was observed at lower than at higher salt concentration of the equilibriating solutions.
Subject: Soil Sciences
Theme: Soil Science
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 1090-03-23
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