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Authors: Amitkumar
Advisor: Basavaraj Banakar
Title: Value addition in bengal gram – a business management appraisal
Language: en
Type: Thesis
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Abstract: Bengal gram is an important pulse crop in India, belongs to Leguminosae Family. In Karnataka it is grown in a area of 7.3 lakh hectare, with a production of six lakh tonnes with a productivity of 575 kg/ha. Gadag district has an area of 69488 hectares with a production of 48641 tonnes and with a productivity of 700 kg/ha. In India there are 65631 pulse milling units, 4427 small and medium scale Bengal gram mills in Karnataka and 291 Bengal gram mills in Gadag district. For the purpose of fulfilling the objectives of the study, data were analysed by tabular presentation method. The total capital investment per unit of Dal processing units found to be (` 634.71 Lakh) in bigger units as compared to other units .The overall average of total fixed capital investment in the Bengal Gram processing unit was found to be ` 78.64 lakh. It was observed that in the study area, the Bengal Gram processing units procure raw material (seeds) through two channels, they are Pattern. I- Farmer Processing unit/ processor. Pattern. II- Farmers Commission agent processor. Among the processing units the cost of procurement of raw material was high in flour mill compared to other units and the cost of returns was also found to be high in flour making unit. The cost of marketing of the products was high in channel II as compared to channel I. The major problems faced by the units high cost of transport,inadequate power supply and labour availability The fixed capital investment was high as compared to in all types of processing units. In the procurement of raw material by the processing units was mainly from Channel-I which is found to be less costly. The average total cost of processing one quintal of Dal was ` 881.14and returns was ` 4752. the benefit cost ratiofound to be 1.08,1.12 and 1.18 in Dal, Fried gram and flour mills respectively. Therefore the establishment of integrated processing units may be encouraged in the production area of Bengal gram.
Subject: Agricultural Business Management
Theme: Value addition in bengal gram – a business management appraisal
These Type: M.Sc
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