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Authors: Adhav, Sachin Ramling
Advisor: Masalkar, Dr.S.D
Desai, Dr.U.T
Padule, Dr.D.N
Title: "Studies on Extending the Shelf Life of Acid Lime {Citrus aurantifolia Swingle) Fruits Cv. Sai-Sharbati"
Language: en
Type: Thesis
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Abstract: The present investigation entitled "Studies on Extending the shelf life of Acid lime {Citrus aurantifolia Swingle) fruits (Cv. Sai-Sharbati" with six postharvest treatments, two packaging and three storage conditions was conducted in two sets of experiments with three replications in Factorial Completely Randomized Design. The treated fruits of acid lime Cv. Sai-Sharbati were stored at Room Temperature (23.6 to 28.4°C and 51.5 to 79.0% RH), in Cool Chamber (19.5 to 21.8°C and 84.0 to 97.0% RH) and in Cool Store (8°C and 90.0 to 95.0% RH). It was found that there was an increase in pH and sugars with corresponding decrease in acidity, ascorbic acid and juice content while there was an increase followed by subsequent decrease in TSS upon prolonged storage of kagzi lime fruits under all the three storage conditions irrespective of postharvest treatments. Physiological loss in weight increased during storage period in all the postharvest treatments and under all the three storage conditions. Fruits stored in cool chamber and cool store followed the same trend of physico-chemical changes but at a slower rate as compared to room temperature storage. The shelf life of control treatment (untreated + unpacked) was found to be hardly 8 days. However, fruit could be stored upto 20 days when it was treated with waxol + carbendazim (0.1%) and packed in polyethylene bag with 2 % vent at room temperature. The shelf life of acid lime fruits was extended upto 50 days and 70 days with treatment when stored in cool chamber and cool store respectively. Moreover, cool chamber had the added advantage of easy construction, maintenance and low cost.
Subject: Horticulture
Theme: Horticulture
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 2005-05-09
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