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Authors: Shete, Balu Jagannath
Advisor: Kale, Dr.P.N
Choudhari, Dr.K.G
Thombre, Dr.M.V
Khan, Dr.B.H
Language: en
Type: Thesis
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Abstract: The study of genetic v a r i a b i l i t y and divergence for q u a l i t a t i v e and quantitative characters in french bean (Phaseolus vulgaris (L„)) was aimed at estimation of genetic coefficient of variation, h e r i t a b i l i t y » correlation, genetic advance and to measure the divergence between the different genetic stocks of french bean.Thirty six genotypes of french bean originating fromdifferent geographic regions were selected from the germplasmcollection maintained at the All India CoordinatedVegetable mprovement Project, Mahatma Phule AgriculturalUnivernity, Rahuri and Professor of Botany, College of Agriculture, Pune. They were grown in kharif season of 1984 in a randomised block design with three replications. Observations were recorded for the characters days forflowering, days for pod set, the length of pod, breadth and thickness of pod, the number of leaves per plant, mean B.J. Shete and t o t a l leaf area, green pod yield, duration of harvestfor green pod, the number of seeds per pod, 100-seed weight,seed maturity, seed yield, primary branches and height ofplant.The data on range of v a r i a b i l i t y and significance ofmeans revealed considerable v a r i a b i l i t y in the genotypesunder study. The estimates of g.c.v. were low as comparedto p.c.v. Very high heritability"was obtained for thecharacters mean leaf ar number of leaves per plant, seed maturity, seed yield and days for flowering and pod s e t . The estimates of geneticadvance were high for the characters t o t a l leaf area, greenpod yield, the height of plant and mean leaf area. Highh e r i t a b i l i t y values with high genetic advance were bserved for the characters mean leaf area, the height of plant,green pod yield and the number of leaves per plant, thusindicating additive genetic control for these characters.The green pod yield per plant had significant andpositive correlation with seed maturity, duration of harvestfor green pod, seed yield, days to flower and pod set, thenumber of leaves, total leaf area and the height of plant. The seed yield per plant showed significant and positive association with length of pod and green pod yield. The D s t a t i s t i c s showed that there was adequate d i v e r s i t y mongst the s t r a i n s with D2 values rangingfrom 58.16 to 7303^63. On the basis of these values t h i r t y six strains under study were grouped in eleven c l u s t e r s . Clustering pattern of these Strains did not follow the geographic d i s t r i b u t i o n . Based on i n t e r -cluster divergence and cluster means a t e n t a t i v e breedingprogramine i s suggested.
Subject: Horticulture
Theme: Horticulture
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 1986-03-31
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