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Authors: Hajare, Ravindra Anant
Advisor: Choudhari, Dr.S.M
Desai, Dr.U.T
Jambhale, Dr.N.D
Title: LINE x TESTER ANALYSIS IN BOTTLE GOURD (Lagenaria siceraria (Mol) Standi)
Language: en
Type: Thesis
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Abstract: The present investigation entitled "Line x Tester analysis in bottle gourd [Lj^ena.r.l.a siceraria (Mol) standi] was carried out in Research Farm, Department of Horticulture, Mahatma Phule Krishi idyapeeth, Rahuri in the year 1993. Six lines and three testers were crossed using Line x -Tester mating system. The resulted 18 F. hybrids along with their parents were evaluated to study the extent of heterosis, ombining ability, gene action, variability, and correlation for fourteen quantitative and three qualitative characters in bottle gourd. Significant heterosis was observed in desirable direction for all characters, except length/diameter ratio of fruit. However, the percentage of heterosis over better parent in positive direction was maximum for length of vine (46.32%) followed by spread of plant (32.18%), yield per vine (23.86%), number of side branches (17.95%) and fruit per vine (15.9%) etc. The negative heterosis was observed for the characters node at Is male flower (-25.24%), node at Is female flower (-14.36%), days to 1 female flower (-10.61%), days to harvesting from st fruit set (-8.64%) and days to 1 male flower (-5.6%) which is desirable. The most promising hybrid in terms of yield per vine was Ranjangaon x Pu5a Summer Prolific Long which recorded 23.86 per cent heterosis over better parent and 14.13 per cent over top parent for fruit yield. Other outstanding hybrids for various yield contributing characters were Pilliv Local x Pusa Summer Prolific Long for length of fruit, KBG-13 x Pusa Summer Prolific Long for average diameter of fruit and Tasgaon-8 x Pusa Summer Prolific Long for weight of fruit. The GCA - and sfA variances were highly significant in all the characters studied. The lines BT&-103, Tasgaon-8, KBG-13, Ranjangaon and testers Pusa Summer Proific Long, Arak Bahar and Samrat were observed to be best combiners since they made significant contribution towards most of the yield- contributing characters as evidenced by their high g.c.a effects, for most of the yield contributing characters. The highest number of crosses, showing significant sea effects were observed in days to 1 male flower, node at 1 male frower followed by average fruit weight, number of fruits per vine and days to 1st female flower. In most of the cases high heterosis was observed due to the better performance of the parents with high gca effects. However, in some cases the heterosis was due to high s.c.a effects expressed by the crosses. In most of the characters non-addidtive component was mportant indicating importance of heterosis breeding method for improving the character. The correlation studies indicated that the yield was positively correlated with number of fruits per vine, weight st of fruit and average diameter of fruit. Characters daystol male flower, node at Is male flower, length/diameter ratio of st fruit, days to 1 female flower were negatively correlated with yield. These characters were also intei—associated with each other. It may be concluded from the studies on heterosis and combining ability in bottle gourd that the heterosis can successfully be exploited for fruit yield per vine and other yield contributing characters by utilising the genotypes included in the studies. The most promising cross which out yielded the mean fruit yield per vine over better parent and top was parent^ Ranjangaon x Pusa Summer Prolific Long which also had good fruit characteristics acceptable to the consumers.
Subject: Horticulture
Theme: Horticulture
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 1994-01-03
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