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Authors: Gujarathi, Ravindrakumar Thakorbhai
Advisor: Wavhal, K.N
Audhari, K.G
Deshmukh, R.B
Title: EVALUATION OF GERMPLASM OF BER (Zizyphus mauritiana, Lamk)
Language: en
Type: Thesis
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Abstract: The present studies of evaluation of ber germplasm for growth, floral character, physico-chemical characteristics of fruit and yield of 3ome ber cultivars was carried out at Mahatma Phule Agricultural University, Rahuri during the year 1980-81. The growth habit of North Indian cultivars was semi-spreading whereas that of local cultivars was semi-spreading to erect. Time of anthe3i3 in all eight cultivars was at fixed time in 24 hours. In Illaichi, Chhuhara, Kadaka and opened during morning hours, while in Sanaur-1, Sanaur-6, Umran and Shamber flowers opened during afternoon hours. Anther dehiscence started one hour after the anthesis, while stigma became receptive on the on set of anthesis. All eight cultivars studied showed self-incompatibility as there was no fruit set in hand selfing and bagqing method. There was also no parthenocarpic development of Contd... xiii R.T. GU3ARATHI PI. Sc. (Agri.) Abstract C0ntd.... fruit in ber. Pollen fertility by differential stain test was maximum in Sanaur-1 (82.95 %). Pollen grains of Illaichi were completely sterile. Pollen germination was found to be the maximum in 30 per cent sucrose media in all the cultivars except Illaichi. Among all the cultivars from North-India, Umran had the highest average weight of fruit with attractive golden yellow colour. The smallest fruit size and minimum percentage of pulp was recorded in cultivar, MPKV, while the maximum pulp percentage was recorded in Kadaka. The local cultivars had small size of fruits with big stones. Local cultivars had high T.S.S. content, Guli recorded the highest T.5.S. The acidity was found to be maximum in Badami. Illaichi had the highest ascorbic acid but minimum reducing sugar content. Maximum reducing sugars were found in Badami. The local cultivars were found to be promising from quality point of view. All eight cultivars matured within 117 to 130 days. Umran gave the maximum yield per tree and showed better storage performance.
Subject: Horticulture
Theme: Horticulture
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 1988-01-19
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