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Authors: Kamble, Anil Lingappa
Advisor: Desai, Dr.U.T
Kale, Dr.P.N
Deore, Prof. B.P
Publisher: MAHATAMA PHULE KRISHI VIDYAPEETH RAHURI. 413 722 DIST - AHMEDNAGAR, Maharashtra State. (India.)
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Agrotags: economics, biological phenomena, resins, productivity, technological changes, exhibitions, developmental stages, marketing, biological development, selection
Abstract: An experiment was conducted at the Department of Horticulture, Central Campus, Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri during the year 1988-89 to study the effect of different seed clove sizes and growth regulators on the growth and yield of garlic cultivars Godavari and Shweta. The experiment laid out in FRBD consisted of three clove-sizes (above 1 g, below 1 g and ungraded mixed lot) and three growth regulators (Ethrel 500 ppm, NAA 50 ppm Cycocel 1000 ppm making in all twelve treatment combinations with three replications. The observations on growth (per cent sprouting, plant height and number of cloves, leaves), yield of bulbs (with and without tops), mean bulb weight, polar and equatorial diameter of bulb, mean clove weight, number of cloves per bulb, width and length of clove and neck thickness of bulb were recorded. It was observed that in both the cultivars bigger seed cloves showed higher sprouting percentage. However, other Contd... XV A L KAMBLE ABST. CONTD . . . HORTICULTURE growth factors were not influenced, significantly. In both the cultivars, bigger seed clove recorded significantly the highest yield of bulbs with and without tops. In both the cultivars viz., Godavari and Shweta, the bigger seed cloves gave bulbs with the highest mean bulb weight (17.77 g and 17-35 g respectively) . Polar and equatorial diameter of bulb was not affected by different seed clove sizes in Cv. Godavari. However, only in Shweta, the polar and equatorial diameter was significantly influenced by seed clove-size treatment. Bigger seed clove produced cloves with the highest mean weight (0.75 g, 0.73 g respectively) in Cvs. Godavari and Shweta. Seed cloves of both the Cvs. Godavari and Shweta when soaked in 1000 ppm Cycocel solution before planting showed significant influence on percentage sprouting, plant height, number of leaves, yield of bulbs with and without tops (Cv. Godavari 17.11 t/ha and 12.15 t/ha and in Shweta they were 16.91 t/ha and 11.96 t/ha, respectively), polar and equatorial diameter of bulb, mean clove weight (0.75 g and 0.74 g respectively. love size and growth regulator combination effects affected only the yield of bulbs (with tops) and, mean clove weight in Shweta. Bigger seed cloves and Cycocel growth regulator combination recorded the highest yield. No significant effects of interaction were evident on any other parameters. ontd... xvi A L KAMBJuE ABST. CONTD.. . HORTI CULTURE From the results, it may be concluded that bigger cloves gave higher yield of better quality bulbs. Further, bigger seed cloves soaked in 1000 ppm Cycocel before planting showed higher percentage of sprouting, better initial stand, healthy and vigorous growth with higher yield and better quality of bulbs than the ungraded cloves in both the cultivars Godavari and Shweta.
Subject: Horticulture
Theme: Horticulture
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 192-06
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