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Advisor: Deore, Prof. B.P
Kaulgud, Prof. S.N
Chavan, Dr.J.K
Desai, Dr.B.B
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Agrotags: sowing, intercropping, wheats, tillage equipment, seed drilling, crops, mustard, fertilizers, land resources, chickpeas
Abstract: The present investigation entitled "Studies on anthocyanin fomation during fruit development of some pomegranate cultivars," was conducted in the Departnent of Biochenistry during 1992-93 at Hahatna Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri. The changes in anthocyanins, sugars, total phenols, T.S.S., acidity, T.S.S.:acidity ratio and ascorbic acid in the fruit arils of Ganesh, G-137, Muscat, P-23 and P-26 cultivars were studied during the three developmental stages viz. 60, 90 and 120 days after the anthesis. It was observed that the total phenols and titratable acidity decreased, whereas, totalanthocyanins, reducing and non-reducing sugars, ascorbic acid, T.S.S and T.S.S.: acidity ratio of the ponegranate arils increased significantly during the fruit developnent. Anong the cultivars arils of Ganesh had higher ascorbic acid and acidity and lower total phenols; while P-23 had higher total phenols,xii:Abstract contd... Pushparaj K, Jadhav non-reducing sugars, T.S.S and T.S.S:acidity ratio. Cv. G-137had higher percentage of total and reducing sugars as compared to other varieties of pomegranate.The total anthocyanin content of the arils of all the cultivars increased gradually during fruit growth. At 80 daysstage, the anthocyanin ontent was not detectable, but after 90 days it increased significantly. At the 90 days stage, the highest amount of total anthocyanins was recorded in G-137(43.59 mg/100 Cvs. Muscat, P-23 and P-26 had ower and almost equal anthocyanin content. The anthocyanins of all the cultivars increased about 2- to 5- fold upto 120 days stage; the highest amount recorded by Ganesh, followed by G-137, P-23,Muscat and P-26.The chemical composition of pomegranate cultivarsstudied at the maturity stage of fruit evelopment (120 days after anthesis) indicated that the moisture content ranged from78.8 to 80.8 per cent and the crude fat ranged from 4.97 (P-23) to 5.38 (Muscat) per cent. The content of total arbohydrates ranged from 26.88 (P-28) to 30.28 per cent (Muscat). The crude protein content varied from 1.25 (G-137) to 1.96 per cent(Muscat). The content of crude fibre ranged from 4.97 and 5.38per cent. Cv. Muscat had the lowest crude fibre content, whilethe remaining cultivars had about equal fibre content. The ash content of fruit arils ranged from 1.88 (P-26) to 2.6 per cent. XIVAbstract contd... ushparaj K. Jadhav„The correlation study, revealed that there was apositive and significant corrleation between, sugars, T.S.S.,T.S.S.:acidity ratio and ascorbic acid with the totalanthocyahines of the arils of all the 5 cultivars ofpomegranate. However, the total phenols and acidity weresignificantly but negatively orrelated with the anthocyanincontent.
Subject: Agricultural Biochemistry
Theme: Agricultural Biochemistry
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 1995-06-26
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