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Authors: Swathi, K.
Advisor: Munjal, Dr.S.V
Chanan, Dr.J.K
Kale, Dr.A.A
Khetmals, Dr.M.B
Language: en
Type: Thesis
Agrotags: sowing, intercropping, wheats, tillage equipment, seed drilling, crops, mustard, fertilizers, land resources, chickpeas
Abstract: The mam objective of the present investigation was to study some biochemical parameters associated with CMS phenotype m sorghum using isolated mitochondria Mitochondria were isolated from the etiolated seedlings of the two CMS systems of sorghum viz, 1049A, 1049B, RSV- 33R, SPH-1229 and 104A, 104B, RS-585, CSH-15R The assays of solubleproteins and respiratory enzymes viz, cytochrome c oxidase and succinatedehydrogenase were earned out from isolated mitochondria Further, thetotal respiration, cyanide-sensitive, cyanide-insensitive and residualrespiration were measured from the isolated mitochondria and etiolated seedlings of these lines The protocol for the isolation and unfication ofmitochondiral DNA was also standardized.The isolated mitochondna from both the CMS lmes, 1049 A and104A, contained hig her soluble protems than their respective isonuclearmamtamer, restorer and hybnd lmes XVI Abstr Contd Miss K SwathiThe cyanide-sensitive respiration was measured by using SHAM, apotential inhibitor of alternative oxidase, while cyanide-insensitiverespiration was measured by using KCN, a potential inhibitor of cytochromec oxidase TUe cyanide-sensitive respiration was higher, whereas cyanide-insensitive respiration was lower in isolated mitochondriaand etiolated seedlings of CMS lines than their corresponding mamtamer,restorer and hybrid lines When both inhibitors were added simultaneouslyin the reaction media, residual respiration was observed in isolated mitochondria and etiolated seedlings of both the CMS systemsThe cytochrome c oxidase and succinate dehydrogenase activities inboth the CMS lines were lower than their respective isonuclear mamtamer lines and also restorer and hybrid lines The CMS system 104A, 104B, RS-585 and CSH-15R showed comparatively higher cytochrome c oxidase and succinate dehydrogenase activities than the other CMS system, 1049A,1049B,RSV-33Rand SPH-1229The higher protein content, cyanide-sensitive respiration and lowercytochrome c oxidase activity in CMS lines than their isonuclear linesindicates that mutation might have occurred in the mitochondrial DNA whichprobably resulted in the synthesis of new protein® Specifically therespiratory complex IV might have been mutated because some of thesubuntis of this complex are encoded by the mitochondrial genome,reflecting the alteration in the cytochrome c oxidase activity and cyamdesensitive respiration The lower cyanide-insensitive respiration and succinate dehydrogenase activity in CMS lines than their correspondingXVIIAbstr Contd Miss K Swathi isonuclear maintamer lines suggested that it might be the result of the CMScharacter and not the cause of CMS, because alternative oxidase andsuccinate dehydrogenase are encoded by the nuclear DNA The loweralternate oxidase activity m CMS than its isonuclear lme may perhaps becorrelated to the higher yield or yield contributing characters That's whythe hybrid CSH-15R yields more than the hybrid SPH-1229 The protocols for the isolation and purification of mitochondria andmitochondrial DNA were standardized. The alkalilysis method yieldedhigher mtDNA than freezing and thawing method The freezing and thawingmethod required less time for the isolation of mtDNA than the alkalilysis method, however the DNA isolated by these two methods was found to be pure By employmg these two methods, one can avoid the use of percollgradient and sucrose density gradient ultra-centrifugation for the isolation ofmitochondria and also organic solvents for the purification of mtDNA
Subject: Agricultural Biochemistry
Theme: Agricultural Biochemistry
These Type: M.Sc
Issue Date: 2002-06-29
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