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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993-09Traumatic Ventriculitis in PoultryBalasubramaniam, G.A.; Krishnappa, K.; Roy, Parimal; TANUVAS
1993-06Impacted Oviduct in Poultry - A Case ReportBalasubramaniam, G.A.; Krishnappa, K.; Roy, Parimal; TANUVAS
2012-12Studies on Helminthiaasis of Sheep in Dharmapuri Area of Tamil NaduKrishnappa, K.; Roy, Parimal; Balasubramaniam, G.A.; Ramaswamy, V.; TANUVAS
1992-06Outbreak of Newcastle Disease in an Organised FarmRoy, Parimal; Balasubramaniam, G.A.; TANUVAS
2019-01Recurrent Tympany Due to Oesophageal Fibropapilloma in a Bull : A Case ReportSasikala, K.; Vijayakumar, G.; Balasubramaniam, G.A.; TANUVAS
2019-02Gross Pathology of Traumatic Reticulopericarditis and Peritonitis in CattleSasikala, K.; Balasubramaniam, G.A.; Vijayakumar, G.; Sivaraman, S.; TANUVAS
2019-02Clinico-Pathological Features of Canine Mammary Tumour with Concurrent Occurrence of PyometraPrabhakaran, K.P.; Balasubramaniam, G.A.; Madheswaran, R.; Raja, A.; Kumaresan, A.; Visha, P.; TANUVAS
2019-02Pathomorphological Description of Mummified Fetus in a Bovine Clinical CasePrabhakaran, K.P.; Madheswaran, R.; Balasubramaniam, G.A.; TANUVAS
2016-03Malignant Lymphoma in a Holstein Friesian Cow- A Case ReportMadheswaran, R.; Jayakumar, K.; Ruthra, M.; Sivaseelan, S.; Balasubramaniam, G.A.; Dharmaseelan, S.; TANUVAS
2016-03Cytopathological Features of Mammary Adenocarcinoma in a DogMadheswaran, R.; Sivaseelan, S.; Balasubramaniam, G.A.; Dharmaseelan, S.; Balachandran, P.; Arulmozhi, A.; TANUVAS