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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-10Effect of Chromium Supplementation on External Egg Quality Characteristics of Layer ChickensSathyabama, T.; Nanjappan, K.; Jagadeeswaran, A.; Kirubakaran, A.; TANUVAS
2018-05Physico-chemical Properties of Grape (Vitis vinifera L.) Pomace Fortified Drinkable YoghurtSubhashini, S; Baskaran, D; Dhanalakshmi, B; Murugan, B; Preamnath Manoharan, Ayyavoo; TANUVAS
2018-10Effect of Feeding Gliricidia sepium Leaves from Silvipasture Model of Agroforestry in Degraded Wastelands on Milk Yield and Its Composition in Milch CowsGunasekaran, S; Bandeswaran, C; Valli, C; Gopi, H; TANUVAS
2018-01Effect of Dietary REE Supplementation on Blood Biochemical Parameters in Layer ChickenReka, D; Thavasiappan, V; Selvaraj, P; Arivuchelvan, A; TANUVAS
2018-01Impact of Different Shelter Designs on Selected Serum Enzyme Activities and on Concentration of Stress Hormones in Dairy Cattle of Tamil Nadu, IndiaParamasivam, A; Sesh, PSL; Sivakumar, T; Gnanaraj, P Tensingh; Thangavel, A; TANUVAS
2018-02Genetic Polymorphism of Estrogen Hormone Receptor (Exon C) Gene in BuffaloesKathiravan, RS; Chitra, R; Murali, N; Arthanarieswaran, M; TANUVAS
2018-02Sub Clinical Infection by Helminthic and Coccidian Parasites in a Confined Dairy CalfSaravanan, S; Palanivel, KM; TANUVAS
2018-02Association of House Fly (Musca domsestica) Intensity by Spot Card and Manure Moisture in Caged Layer HousesSathiyamoorthy, N; Senthilvel, K; Rani, N; Ramya, K; Ponnudurai; TANUVAS
2018-03Histological Changes of Oxytocin on Postpartum Uterus in CowsAlagar, S; Selvaraju, M; Napolean, R Ezakial; TANUVAS
2018-03Comparison of Histological Changes in Normal and RFM Affected Cows Treated with Uterine Ecbolics and Ovsynch ProtocolAlagar, S; Velladurai, C; Selvaraju, M; Napolean, R Ezakial; TANUVAS