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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Promotion and Marketing of E-Resources at Libraries : An OverviewKopperundevi, S.
2015The Evaluation of the Global Research on Canine Science : Scientometric ApproachKopperundevi, S.
2013Feasibility of Marketing Information Products and Services in College and University LibrariesKopperundevi, S.
2017-01Lipoptena cervi in a White Spotted Deer (Axis axis)Pazhanivel, N.; Kumar, V.; Gopal, K.; Anna, T.; Thangathurai, R.
2014Biochemical Profile of Kilakarsal Ewes during pregnatrcy, Post-partum, Lactation and Dry periodSundaravinayaki, M.; Gomathy, V.S.; Devaraj, C.
2016-04Effect of Heat Stress on Haemato-biochemical and Endocrinological ProfileDevipriya, K.; Eswari, S.; Prathaban, S.; Nanjappan, K.; Selvaraj, P.
2015-06Induction of Estrus and Fertility Response in True Anoestrus Buffaloes Using Intravaginal Progesterone Sponge During SummerDevipriya, K.; Eswari, S.; Nanjappan, K.
2014-12Hematological Parameters in Kilakarsal Ewes During Late Gestation, Post-Partum, Lactation and Dry period Under Farm ConditionsSundaravinayaki, M.; Gomathy, V.S.; Rajathi, S.; Ramakrishnan, V.
2016Prevalence of Sarcoptic Mange in RabbitsMeenakshisundaram, A.; Anna, T.
2014-12Concomitant Theileria Annulata and Anaplasma Marginale Infections in a Cross bred Dairy HerdMeenakshisundaram, A.; Anna, T.; Malmarugan, S.
2014An Outbreak of Classical Swine Fever in Indigenous Pigs in Tamilnadu, IndiaMalmarugan, S.; Sundaram, A. Meenakshi; Rajeswar, J. Johnson
2014-01Transcriptional profile of endometrial TLR4 and 5 genes during the estrous cycle and uterine infection in the buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)Ajevar, Ganesan; Muthu, Sankar; Sarkar, Mihir; Kumar, Harendra; Das, Goutam Kumar; Krishnaswamy, Narayanan
2011Molecular Characterization of Hepatozoon spp. infection in Endangered Indian wild felids and CanidsPawar, Rahul Mohanchandra; Poornachandar, Anantula; Srinivas, Pasham; Rao, Kancharapu Ramachandra; Lakshmikantan, Uthandaraman; Shivaji, Sisinthy
2015-09Pyloro-duodenal hernia with formation of enterocutaneous fistula in a buffalo calf following a dog attackKamalakar, G.; Prasad, V. Devi; Devaratnam, J.; Ganeshan, A.
2015-04Effect of Season on the Incidence of Estrus and Calving in Cattle and BuffaloesChaudhari, R.K.; Mehrota, S.; Narayanan, K.; Ajevar, Ganesan; Chaudhary, J.K.; Ashokkumar
2016-12Therapeutic Management of Perineal Transmissible Venereal Tumor Associated with Sinus in a Chippiparai DogMurugan, M.; Sathiamoorthy, T.a; Ganesan, A.; Lakshmikantan, U.
2016A rare case of single pup syndrome and its management in a Labrador bitchGanesan, A.; Sankar, P.; Ninu, A.R.; Mohanambal, K.; Enbavelan, P.A.; Prabhu, R. Ram
2012Detection and molecular characterization of ascarid nematode infection (Toxascaris leonina and Toxocara cati) in captive Asiatic lions (Panthera leo persica)Pawar, Rahul Mohanchandra; Lakshmikantan, Uthandaraman; Hasan, Shakir; Poornachandar, Anantula; Shivaji, Sisinthy
2013-12Endometrial Toll–like Receptors and Postpartum Uterine Infection in Bovine; a MinireviewGanesan, Ajevar
2013Pre–Partum Serum Cytokine Levels as a Potential tool for the Prediction of Retention of Fetal Membranes in Cross–Bred CowsBoby, Jones; Kumar, Harendra; Ganesan, Ajevar; Singh, Sanjay Kumar; Narayanan, Krishnaswamy
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2281