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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Microanatomical Studies on the Adrenal Gland of Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)Vijayaragavan, C; Venkatakrishnan, A; Pattabiraman, S.R.; Ashok, N; TANUVAS
2002Individual and Combined Effects of Aflatoxcin and T2 Toxin in Japanese QuailBalachandran, C; Manohar, B. Murali; Kumanan, K; Madheswaran, R; TANUVAS
2003Comparison of Isoflurane and Sevoflurane Anaesthesia with Propofol Induction for Intra Abdominal Surgery in CatsSureshkumar, R.; Ameerjan, K.; Ramesh, Geetha; Gokulakrishnan, M.; TANUVAS
2011Analysis of Bycatch of Bottom Set Gill Nets of Thoothukudi CoastSundaramoorthy, B; Neethiselvan, N; Sukumar, D; Kumar, Aniruth; TANUVAS
2009Dietary Manipulation Of Fat On Mitochondrial Decay And Its Implications On Ageing And ApoptosisLeela, V.; Thangavel, A.; Mathuram, L.N.; Vairamuthu, S.; David, Corbon Godfrey, I.; TANUVAS
1995Comparative Productive Efficiency Among Meat Animal SpeciesSivakumar T; TANUVAS
1999Performance Of Broiler Chicken Under Floor and Cage Management Systems Fed With Processed Feed And ProbioticsThanga.Thamil Vanan; TANUVAS
2010Effect of Concentrate and Urea Molasses Mineral Block (UMMB) Supplimentation on the Performance of Mecheri Lambs for Mutton ProductionKumar, V. Ramesh Saravana; Muralidharan, J.; TANUVAS
1980Studies on the Economic Traits and their Inter Relationship in White Leghorn PulletsSethumadhavan, V.; Kothandaraman, P.; Natarajan, N.; Kadirvel, R.; Venugopal, K.; TANUVAS
1997Studies on the Effect of Pesticide on Genetic, Immunological and Biochemical Characters in RatsSamuel, J. Jayasekaran; Jayasundar, S; Manohar, B. Murali; Theodore, Shaji; TANUVAS