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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1977Preparation of Rabbit Meat SausagesRamamurthi, R.; Subbiah, S.; TANUVAS
2004Combined Effect of Chlorpyriphos and T2 Toxin in Broiler ChickenVairamuthu, S.; Balachandran, C.; Raj, G. Dhinakar; Krishnamoorthy, P.; TANUVAS
2011Retail Fish Marketing of Commercially Important Marine Fishes in Thoothukudi CityRajakumar, M; Jayaraman, R; Sujathkumar, N.V.; Kasukurthi, Thriveni; TANUVAS
1968Physicochemical Properties and Bacterial Quality of Dehydrated Yolk as Semen ExtenderVenkataswami, V.; Naidu, M. Narasimhulu; TANUVAS
1992Serological Techniques for Identification of Avian SpeciesChandran, M; Shanmugam, A.M.; Vijayaragavan, C; Padmanabhan, S.K.; TANUVAS
2000Comparative Study On The Efficacy Of Diagnostic Tests in the Field Diagnosis Of Traumatic Reticuloperitonitis and Allied SyndromeDhanapalan, P.; Ramprabhu, R.; TANUVAS
2014Development of Whey Protein Enriched Probiotic CandyGopi, H.; Palanidorai, R.; Rao, V. Appa; Manohar, Uike Pravin; TANUVAS
1981Evaluation of Geriforte in Bovines During Stress and DebilityNagarajan, V.V.; Gnanaprakasam, V.; Venkatayan, S.; Reddy, M. Padmanabha; TANUVAS
1992Experimental Studies on Tracheal Reconstruction Using Autogenous Auricular Cartilage, Tracheal Allograft and Dacron Mesh in DogsDavid, W.P. Archibald Balraj; Balasubramanian, A; Sundararaj, A; Jothi, N. Arul; TANUVAS
1998Lysine and Methionine Supplementation in Isocaloric Low Protein Diets on the Performance of White Leghorn BirdsPurushothaman, M.R.; Ravi, R; Mohan, B; Bandeswaran, C; TANUVAS