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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007On farm assessment of nutritional status of dairy animals and its validation through the urinary excretion of purine derivatives in middle gangetic plainsSingh, Putan; Singh, Vijay Kumar
2002Impact Of Feeding Ammoniated Wheat Straw Treated With Hydrochloric Acid On Clinico-Nutritional Aspects And Buffen ProductionMehra, Usha R.; Naik, Praffulla Kumar
2005Comparative evaluation of some promising feeds as suppliments to wheat straw by In vitro gas production and In vivo experiments in stressSharma, Kusumakar; Rudraswamy, M. S.
2007Prediction of rumen microbial protein production using urinary purine derivatives and validation of PDC and purine nitrogen indices in SheepPutan Singh; Dipu M.T.
2002Nutritional And Reproductive Performance Of Rams Fed Raw, Processed And Supplemented Cottan (Gassypium) Seed Meal Incorporated DietsChhabra, A. K.; Kannan, A.
2005Influence Of Diet And Plant Secondary Compounds On Methanogenesis And Rumen Fermentation PatternKamra, D. N.; Chatterjee, Paresh Nath
2002Isolation Of Effective Lignocellulose Degrading Rumen Fungi And Their On Nutrient Utilization From High Roughage DietSastry, U.R.B.; Paul, Shyam Sundar
2007Effect of plane of nutrition on Theileria annulata infection in crossbred calvesBhar, R.; Lalu, K.
2005Effect Of Dietary Supplementation Of Copper, Selenium And Zinc On Growth Performance, Nutrient Utilization, Antioxidant Status And Immune Response In Male Buffalo CalvesVishal Mudgal; Garg, A. K.
2004Effect Of Dietary Vitamin E Supplementation On Growth, Metabolic Profiles And Immunity In Crossbred CalvesDass, R.S.; Samanta, Arup Kumar