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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Influence of pre-natal thermal conditioning on jejunal HSP-70 expression structure and digestive enzymes in broiler chicken under post-hatch acute heat stressJ. S. Tyagi; Jaiswal, Sudhir Kumar
2015Development and storage quality of functional turkey meat loafC.K. Beura; Farswan, Pooja
2016Feeding value of rice based dry distiller grains with soluble in white leghorn layersPramod Kumar Tyagi; Gupta, Sneha Lata
2015Effect of delay placement and in ovo feeding on post hatchperformance, intestinal morphology and gene expression in egg and meat type chickens.S. K. Bhanja; Shinde (Tamboli) Anil Suryakant
2015Evaluation of Lactobacillus plantarum of guinea fowl origin as probiotic on growth, Immunity and tropical stress in host speciesSimmi Tomar; Kapgate Mukesh Gulab
2015Thermotolerance gene expression analysis in statved Salmonella enteritidis and decontamination of dressed chicken usin carvacrol and thermal treatmentA. S. Yadav; Mohd. Alyas
2015Growth performance, immunity and gut health as influenced by mannanoligosaccharide and butryic acid in diet of broiler chickensAvishek Viswas; Meesam Raza
2016Value addition of broiler meat through dietary meansPraveen K Tyagi; Mir, Nasir Akbar
2015Microsatellite mining for polymorphism between C. coturnix and C. japonica using next generation sequencing.V. K. Saxena; llaya Bharathi D.
2016Estimation of crossbreeding parameters for production traits in complete diallel cross involving two native and one exotic chicken breedsRaj Narayan; Singh, Vijay