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dc.contributor.authorPrasath, N. Babu-
dc.contributor.authorRao, G.V. Sudhakar-
dc.contributor.authorBalachandran, C.-
dc.contributor.authorRaj, G. Dhinakar-
dc.contributor.authorManohar, B. Murali-
dc.description.abstractT-2 toxin, a naturally occurring mycotoxin produced by several species of genus Fusarium, is a 3-α-hydroxy-4-β, 15 diacetoxy-8α-isovaleroxy-12, 13-epoxy-trichothec-9-ene metabolite. Considering scanty literature on apototic studies in T 2 toxicosis in turkey poults this study was programmed.-
dc.publisherTANUVAS ; Chennaien_US
dc.subject.agrotagsnecrosis, toxins, mycotoxins, livestock, fungi, enzymes, biotechnology, public sector, inorganic acid salts, wheatsen_US
dc.titleT2 Toxin Induced Apoptosis In Thymus And Spleen Of Turkey Poultsen_US
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