On-field sporting traits and behaviour of indigenous cattle breeds in sporting events (jallikattu) of Tamil Nadu
Indian Journal of Animal Sciences
The on-field sporting traits and behaviours in bull baiting (jallikattu) were recorded in 857 sporting bulls in Madurai and Trichy districts. The overall mean velocity, stride length, time spent within the boundary of fighters and time taken to get tamed of the sporting bulls were 11.77±0.17 m/s, 7.07±0.09 m, 12.76±0.51 sec and 4.90±0.22 sec respectively. Overall on-field sporting behaviours like laterality, hooking, jumping, kicking and agonistic behaviour were 30%, 16.8%, 24.9%, 15.3% and 10.50% respectively. The event of winning and losing, and place of event had highly significant effects on velocity of sporting bulls. Place of event was found to affect the stride length significantly. There was a highly significant effect on laterality, hooking and agonistic behaviour among the winning and losing bulls. Presence or absence of hooking behaviour had highly significant effect and it was more prominent in winning (19.3%) than in losing (11%) bulls.
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