Mathematical modeling of impact evaluation and phytoremediation of pulp and paper industry effluent
Dube, K.K.
The problem of pollution as a consequence of increased industrialization is, by now, a well-known phenomenon. In case of pollution in water, the problem is more serious. Not only industrial wastes, but also discharge of domestic waste water and sewage can be major pollutant. In present investigation three mathematical models first on the impact of pulp and paper mill effluent on soil microbial biomass, second on the effluent impact on soil microbial activities and third on phytoremediation of pulp and paper mill effluent employing Eichhornia crassipes have been developed. In first and second models the variates taken into consideration decreased exponentially with increase in the distance from the source of pollution, whereas in the third model similar decrease was observed with the increase in duration of phytoremediation. The former two models are valid for only point source pollution impact and not for non-point source pollution where varieties of unknown factors contribute towards ill impact of pollutants. The third model is equally prominent for devising technique to get rid off the ill impact of the industrial effluent. The mathematical model presented here provides a fairly accurate prediction of the ill impact of pollutant present in pulp and paper mill effluent and its remedial measure employing plant like Eichhornia crassipes. These models could be used for predicting the ill impact of other industrial waste water and their removal through phytoremediation technique, as well.
G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar - 263145 (Uttarakhand)
Pulp and Paper Industry
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