Nodular hepatocellular carcinoma in a Labrador dog with metastases
Indian J. Vet. Pathol.
A 10 year old male Labrador retriever was presented for necropsy with the clinical history of vomition and pain on palpation of abdomen. Ultrasound examination revealed enlarged and abnormal liver borders. Haemato-biochemical studies revealed anaemia, leukocytosis and elevated liver specific enzymes. Necropsy examination of the carcass revealed mottled liver with multiple variably sized round, discrete to coalescing grey white to brown soft friable nodules on all the lobes. A few nodules were cystic with accumulation of viscid fluid. Similarly, multifocal variable sized dark red nodules were also found randomly scattered on both the lungs. Pancreas and kidneys also revealed metastasis. Histologically, the liver nodules appeared as nodular hepatocellular carcinoma with adenoid pattern. Metastatic foci were observed in the lungs, pancreas and kidneys. Immunohistochemical detection of tumour markers such as alpha fetoprotein, proliferating cell nuclear antigen, pancytokeratin, vimentin, chorioembryonic antigen were carried out for differential diagnosis.
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